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How to search for nearby AirTags using your Android phone

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AirTags are Apple’s answer to secret trackers like the ones we’re used to from companies like Tile, but with the added bonus of using almost all recent Apple devices to help identify tagged items. Apple is Apple, however, so you need an iPhone or iPad to configure and locate AirTags remotely. Although there is no Android tool that allows us to use Apple trackers, the company has released a handy Android app called Tracker Detect that can help you find out if there is any nearby. Here how it works.

To find orphaned AirTags in your area, start by downloading the Tracker Detect app. Open the app, then tap Analyze.

If there are no compatible devices nearby, nothing will happen. If your phone finds any of them, it will appear in a list. Click any tracker in that list and you’ll see options to turn it on by sound (to help you find it), view more information about it, or learn how to turn it off completely (which means, on AirTag, remove the battery).

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It’s remarkably simple, but there are some nuances to the application. First, only trackers that have not been identified as close to their owners appear for 15 minutes. This is so you can’t see the trackers that others are actively using. In addition, you will only be able to play a sound on the tracker if it has been near you for at least 10 minutes. . Finally, the app can only find trackers using Apple’s Find My network; It won’t help you detect trackers from Tile or Samsung for example.

One obvious use case for Tracker Detect is to make sure no one slips an AirTag on you (or in your car or on your dog) without you knowing – while iPhones will tell you if someone else’s AirTag is dumped in your neighborhood car, Android phones don’t. On such a built-in feature. But there are also less risky uses: It can also help you, for example, find the lost wallet of your friend in love with Apple in your couch cushions.

Most people probably wouldn’t have to worry about someone sticking their Batman-style trackers, but a little protection does a lot. If you’ve ever worried that someone is trying to keep tabs on you with AirTags, Tracker Detect is a great resource. It can also be useful in a very casual way for anyone whose friends or family use Apple products. The app is available for free on the Play Store.

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