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How To Set Up A Basic Crypto Wallet

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Are you thinking about investing in the Crypto space?


You actually can earn more ROI with Crypto investments; you just need to ensure that you are taking every step strategically and you are learning more and more about the Crypto market daily.

When you are investing in Crypto, you are also required to make sure that you are choosing the right crypto exchanges and also the right Crypto wallet.

Setting up the Crypto wallets is another task. But don’t worry, we got you covered. You just need to select the right Crypto wallet. We will help you here as well.

Choose The Right Wallet

The first thing you need to think about when you are choosing a Crypto wallet is why you are using Cryptocurrency. You will get a wide range of Crypto wallets, and different wallets serve different purposes.

So stick with the option that will match your requirements of interacting with a wide range of Cryptocurrency networks. Here are some things you need to consider.

  • Are you only going to use Bitcoin?
  • Do you require enhanced privacy features?
  • The amount of Cryptocurrency you are thinking about storing in the wallet.

Here, security has to be your top priority. With the increasing popularity of Cryptocurrencies, the number of threats and scams is also increasing.

Set Up Hardware Crypto Wallet

When you are thinking about setting up a basic Crypto Wallet, we will always recommend you to go for hardware wallets as they are considered safer because they are not connected to the internet.

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Setting up a hardware wallet is a time-consuming task. But as we have said earlier, it is the most secure option, as your private key will be in an offline device that is separate from your mobile phone or computer.

First, you need to choose and buy a hardware storage device or a hardware wallet. And after that, you need to start with the main setup process. The device will come with the instructions. You just need to follow them step by step.

The usual step includes the following.

  • Download the associated software of the hardware you have purchased on your computer.
  • Now, write down the recovery passphrase for your private keys,
  • Connect the hardware device to your system.

Set Up Mobile Wallet

When it comes to a mobile wallet, the setting up process is too simple as any other mobile application. First, you need to choose a mobile Crypto wallet from the app store that you have on your mobile.

Most mobile wallets provide you the accessibility of accepting Crypto payments almost instantly. When you are setting up your mobile wallet, it is best to keep a backup of your private keys on physical paper and keep it in a safe and secure place.

Usually, the backup comes in the form of a passphrase that contains 12 or 24 letters. It is called your recovery phrase. Although not all mobile Crypto wallets offer this, it is important to go through the backup process.

In case you lose your mobile or simply your mobile stops working, you will lose access to your funds. Here you always need to remember that in the Crypto space, you do not have anyone to call and ask for your password in case you lost that.

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Set Up Desktop Wallet

Now come to the desktop wallet.

Setting up a desktop wallet is pretty similar to setting up a mobile wallet. You first need to pick up the Cryptocurrency wallet software that you want to use. After downloading it, you just need to run the installation process and follow the steps.

Just like the mobile wallet setup process, the desktop wallet setup process also might ask you to go for a backup for the passphrase, which is associated with your private keys.

Usually, desktop wallets involve a wide range of portfolio tracking charts and graphs. This way, they become capable of tracking the value of your assets in various ways.

Keep Your Crypto Wallet Safe

Once you are done setting up your Crypto wallet, you need to ensure that you are maintaining proper safety precautions for the Crypto wallet. Always go for the safety precautions that will be suitable for you.

You will never go for a $100 hardware Crypto wallet just to keep your $50 worth of Cryptocurrency safe.

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