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How to Upgrade Your Home Gymnastics Training Space? Five Tips

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Hello and welcome back! Today, our topic is all about home gymnastics. Those who have embarked on the journey of home gymnastics a while ago, you may know that the equipment is always a bit of a hassle. You need it, yet you’re not sure what to buy and when. And, as you learn to do flips and twists, you notice that you may need more space and equipment in your space. In this article, we unveil a few tips and things to consider when you are ready to upgrade your training space.

Assessing Your Current Training Space

When you are just starting out exploring the world of gymnastics, chances are you do not have a particular training space at home. You’ve simply moved some furniture out of the way to get enough space for the gymnastics mat, Airblock or mini trampoline. Yet, once the practice starts to pay off, you want to learn more complex moves, to which you need more space.

Therefore, assessing the current training space is probably the most important step on your gymnastics home improvement journey. Is there a way to maximize the space in the living room? Is some furniture bothering your practice? Is there a room that you could use as a practice room instead? Think how much space you prefer to dedicate to gymnastics.

While doing the assessment, it’s also good to consider whether you need any extra equipment (something that we’ll discuss next). That equipment may need more space than you need. So, take that also into consideration. Also, think about the floor. Is the floor slippery? Getting floor tiling suitable for gymnastics could help.

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Updating Necessary Gymnastics Equipment for Home

Next, it’s time to check the quality of your equipment and what you may need to get as your skills become better. Is the gymnastics mat still in good condition? Would you like to start advancing to beam practices? How about the bounciness of the mat? Many questions are likely to pop up in your mind. Core home gymnastics equipment include, but are not limited to:

  • Various types of mats
  • Various types of rolls
  • Beams
  • Trampolines

Naturally, other types of equipment also exist. But, you do not have to get them all; in fact, it may be better to get multi-functional pieces instead.

Prefer Multi-Purpose, High-Quality Equipment

Once you’ve decided which type of equipment you need to upgrade your training space, it’s time to see whether there is equipment that could cover several purposes. For example, something like an Airtrack can act as a gymnastics mat, as a tricking mat and place for warm-ups and cool-downs. It also has a bounce that regular mats do not have, so practicing short floor sets is also possible.

Then there’s also the question about the quality. High-quality multi-purpose gymnastics equipment is far more usable even if you end up becoming an advanced gymnast. For instance, a common question about Airtracks is whether they are airtight. When opting for a more expensive option, you start to get Airtracks that have handmade seams, meaning that they’ve been produced with more care. TL;DR: paying a bit more for the equipment will eventually save you money.

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Improving Ventilation and Air Quality

Getting new equipment isn’t the only way to upgrade your training space. Another thing you need to consider is the ventilation so that your home does not smell like a gym hall. First off, if you can have a specific room for training, it’s always better as you can close the door and open the windows in that room. If you have to train in your living room or bedroom, however, you may need to think about getting fans, air conditioning or even an air purification system to keep the air clean and fresh. Keep the purifier on during training and clean the sweaty equipment right after training!

Finding solutions to Storing

Lastly, we come up with the question of storing. Not having proper storage space can hinder your progress as you may not be able to get all the equipment you need. However, there are various ways to find storage space for the equipment. For example:

  • Airtracks are inflatable. Therefore, they can be inflated and deflated within minutes. A deflated Airtrack fits well to its storage bag (if it comes with one) or a storage box that fits under the bed.
  • Prefer foldable gymnastics mats. There are the ones that can be folded and ones that cannot. Opt for the ones that can be folded as they easily fit on top of the wardrobe or under your bed.
  • Consider wall-mounted racks to place small items. These items could include workout bands and other small equipment for warm-ups and cool-downs as well as conditioning.
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Overall, try to see whether you have any unused space in your home. Chances are, you’ve filled your space with unnecessary items or placed items in an unorganized manner, due to which you think you don’t have enough space for your equipment. If unsure, you can also ask help from your friends and family or even a professional organizer.

What’s your best tips for home gymnastics?

Home gymnastics is a unique form of exercise that not many teens and adults start. Therefore, it may be challenging to find people who also have the same hobby. To stay motivated, it’s crucial to find gymnastics buddies in the same town. See whether there are any classes in town or a city close-by. Also, it’s a good idea to watch videos by gymnastics influencers and instructions to develop in your practice. If you have a tip for home gymnastics or a topic for us to write about, please send us a message by checking our contact details on contact us page!

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