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HuffPost Quebec and HuffPost Canada have stopped publishing

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Alan Binder
Alan Binder
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Once news of the lockdown began to circulate, HuffPost Canada posted a brief message in both the country’s official languages, on its website, confirming the lockdown on March 9th.

As of March 9th, HuffPost Quebec will no longer publish content. The current content will be kept as an online archive; However, some of the site’s features have been permanently disabled. For more global content, please visit

For Patrick White, the professor at UQAM, who founded HuffPost Québec in 2011, It was written in the sky. He explains that Verizon’s sale of to Buzzfeed bodes well for such an outcome.

According to him, in this great media gathering, Not everything that happens in Canada is interesting to Americans.

Mr. White points out that HuffPost is in its good years Has offices in Montreal City Hall, the National Assembly, the Federal Parliament, dozens of freelancers covering arts and entertainment, and more than 6,000 bloggers..

Although he argues that The media crisis is permanent, not temporaryMr. White remains optimistic.

He stressed that Bell Media’s opening of the newsroom is a positive sign of this It will give variety to regions. We are talking about regional newscasts. This variety is welcome. 60 journalists have been appointed.

Mr. White thinks the media is doing well in Quebec. He wants it as a guide Radio Canada Investments in Information, the magazine UrbaniaAnd the It’s okay Or even digital kebecor, which He relaunched the newspaper 24 His yours.

News of the shutdowns in Quebec and Canada comes at the same time that 47 HuffPost workers were announced in the US with the goal of increasing the company’s profitability.

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HuffPost’s deficit of $ 20 million has been raised, along with concerns that the deficit will occur again this year.

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