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Hugo Holly and his team are traveling in Rivière de Loup

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The cyclist has already stopped at Rivière-du-Loup in the past, but this is the first time he has crowned his new position as a stage winner at the Grande Boucle.

My life is still the same, but it is true that I no longer recognize myself. I have many messages of sympathy. Yesterday, while driving with Jin, there was a motorist who stopped to cheer us onsays Hugo Hall.

Cyclist Hugo Holly visited the Premier Tech facilities in Bas-Saint-Laurent.

Photo: Radio Canada/Simon Real Planet

The athlete and six of his teammates came to warm up at Bas-Saint-Laurent ahead of the Cycling Grand Prix in Quebec and Montreal this weekend.

It’s always beautiful along the river, honestly. For us, it’s not bad that the last training is a little longer before Friday’s race. »

Quote from Hugo Holly, cyclist for Team Israel-Premier Tech

pure fun for staff

About two dozen employees took out their bikes and donned their cycling clothes to give a little pedaling with Mr. Hall, just enough to give the Premier Tech parking lot the look of a city stop.

Staff met on site said to themselves Frantic, lucky and proud To be able to ride with a professional team.

The staff were able to train on Route 132 with Hugo Houle and his teammates.

Photo: Radio Canada/Simon Real Planet

Promote this sport

It’s the first team a trip around the world Powered by Premier Tech comes here in the region. It’s to communicate the sport, to advertise it, to lead people to follow the team and racesexplains President and CEO of Premier Tech, Jan Belanger.

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Cycling enthusiasts were also on the road to welcome the passing of Hugo Hall and his colleagues, including Fernand Dumont, a Rivière-du-Loup employee and cycling fan.

We have the impression that these are people far from us. When you’re lucky enough to see someone pass by, it’s always fun, it’s cheerfulhe says before seeing the player pass.

The Rivière-du-Loup cycling club also hopes this event will spark the curiosity of the sport, which is still relatively unknown in Quebec.

Especially among the guys out there to choose a sport who are probably more inclined to do hockey because it’s easy, I’ll go for a run because it’s easy, but it’s also available for cyclingfor example Randoloup Cycling Club Vice President Elizabeth Boucher.

The peloton headed toward Saint-Jean-Port Jolly in the middle of the afternoon, via Route 132. In Kamuraska, the Premier Tech staff returned while the Hugo Houle team headed to Quebec and its new challenges.

According to Fabian Turkefs’ report,

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