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Pre-University Program Social sciences This is

A two-year pre-university program that combines general and private training and prepares students to pursue undergraduate studies in the key areas of humanities, law, educational sciences, and management sciences.

Students learn to distinguish between the main facts, concepts and concepts related to the human phenomenon, to use the methods of work and research necessary to pursue their studies, to communicate their ideas in a clear and correct way, to locate different issues related to citizenship in the context of globalization, and to demonstrate the qualities of a scientific and critical mind, as well as skills related to appropriate methods of human science.

C├ęgep de Matane presents the profile Openness to the world for her students in the humanities. This profile offers courses in sociology, history, geography, economics, and psychology. Students wishing to pursue undergraduate studies in management that require prerequisites in mathematics can also access the various courses in this major, just as those who wish to pursue undergraduate studies in guidance or psychology have access to courses in a biology major.

Humanities teachers all apply active pedagogy that advocates a field approach that favors embodying the theory taught in different activities and specific projects such as historical or geographical visits, field trips that facilitate observation associated with each discipline, participation in conferences, collaboration with community organizations in the area, organizing Medieval festivals, implementation of specific projects, presentation of theses, etc.

In the fourth session, students complete their program summary test which can take the form of a documentary research or an observational internship that allows the application of knowledge and skills acquired throughout the course. Students may complete their training in the field in which they plan to integrate professionally and in the organization of their choice. A great opportunity to check your choice of undergraduate studies.

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So you will learn…

  • To master knowledge in the field of economics, geography, history, psychology and sociology.
  • Distinguish between basic facts, concepts and concepts related to the human phenomenon.
  • To put various issues related to citizenship in the context of globalization.
  • To use the necessary business methods to pursue your university studies.
  • To develop your research skills, critical thinking and analytical skills.

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