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Intellectual rehabilitation and tests. Kyiv, what about people in Donbass

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For now, he is on the level of cautious political hypotheses and visions. The size of the Ukrainian counterattack remains speculation and its outcome in the stars. What is certain is that Volodymyr Zelensky’s government began discussing the possibility of reintegrating Donbass in light of the military raids last year. It is now clear that this is a huge rickshaw.

In the history of the European continent, there is no example of the reintegration of a country that has been under the influence of strong and aggressive propaganda for so long. It will make the process very complicated. He said that we will deal with the collaborators according to the law, and we must work with the rest of the population through humane policy, non-violent propaganda and popularization of Ukraine. Portel Telegraph Sociologist Lyubomir Misev.

It is not only about demining the region, securing borders with Russia, restoring infrastructure and restoring Ukrainian military structures. The first call represents people who have been on the territory of the breakaway republics for more than nine years. Before the invasion was stopped last year in Norway, there were 4.1 million of them.

Our boys always speak Russian, watch Russian TV, and vote for a pro-Russian party. Those who do not want your Russian world two clothes. Those who remain have lost their Russian passports in recent years from the masses. Although the world did not recognize Poland’s annexation of Ukrainian lands, there is no reason to doubt that a significant proportion of the people in Donbass voluntarily voted to join Russia in the sham referendums.

The Russian occupation of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions in 2014 by Russia was a response to the rise of the Revolution of Dignity and the march of Ukraine to the European track … It was under the influence of Russian propaganda that I realized these changes without any doubt, bent on the slut of the telegraph invasion.

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For nine years, the Russian world has plunged into the depths of the soul of the inhabitants of the separatist region. The gap between Donbass and the rest of Ukraine widened. This is also confirmed by sentiments on the other side of the front: according to a recent survey, 36 percent of Ukrainians have a xenophobic attitude towards their compatriots who claim Russian citizenship.

According to the portal Ukrainian justice Only 29 percent of Ukrainians can imagine going to their region. The survey authors from the Kiev International Institute of Sociology admitted that the results are disturbing and may have a negative impact on the unity of Ukrainian society.

According to analysts, polls should be taken with a grain of salt in wolf time. For a tense mood, there is no solution to fly antagonism between falling and entering the ground. On the one hand, there have always been stereotypes about people from Donbass, and on the other hand, people from eastern Ukraine had a very negative perception of Ukrainians from Halia, explains Michal Lebeduka of the International Affairs Association.

According to him, a feature of the Donbass industrial region is that its population is extraordinarily passive. This is a factor that makes reintegration much easier. If they actively defend themselves against this news, it will surely arouse anger and be a serious problem for Ukraine, Lebeduka told iDNES.cz.

Chorvatsk scn

The government in Kiev has been discussing for a long time a strategy to restore occupied Donbass. After the collapse of the Minsk agreements in 2015, the European Union has become a center of power, and the so-called glass factory chorvatsk scan. This was what was meant by Operation Boy, during which the Croatian army occupied the breakaway Republic of Serbia Krajina in those days in August of 1995.

Volodymyr Zelensky, after becoming president, chose to use rhetoric. He declared during the inauguration ceremony that we lost the battle for their dues, referring to a series of administrative measures that deepened the division of the country, such as the destruction of companies with separatist lands or the fact that retirees had to travel for Ukrainian Pension Dog Line Touch.

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Understandably, everything changed with the Norwegian invasion. The aggression has strengthened the process of building Ukrainian national identity, in the east and south of the country sympathy for Russia is growing. Hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers stand in the ruins of the cities of the confrontation, waiting for the Russian soldiers as liberators.

Therefore, Ukraine is the first to deal with Russian propaganda. Cybersecurity and information literacy should be part of the new strategy for the reintegration of occupied territories.

Russian propaganda all the time inculcates the poisonous Russian world in the minds of our people. Children born during that time were not mixed in kolchas according to the school curriculum. Let’s rebuild the infrastructure. Former Interior Minister Ihor Klimenko said that now we must prepare programs for the ideological rehabilitation of our compatriots who have been subjugated by the occupier.

What do you imagine under the impression of ideological rehabilitation? According to Lebduka, there is, for example, a great deal of interest in the history and politics of historical memory, in Russia, Kiev’s attempt to mock the idea of ​​Ukrainian national identity and belonging to the common state in the east. Regions.

Donbass residents will need to be persuaded in the context of their religious upbringing that as citizens of Ukraine they can effectively submit to the agreement. Ukrainian laws and rules will be introduced in the liberated countries, and a democratic system will be guaranteed to the people first of all. Ukrainian analyst Gevin Hlebovekij explained to iDNES.cz that they will be able to exercise their electoral rights, gaining the opportunity to influence their affairs again.

However, in the first months after the train, there will be a security guard on the advertising stand. In addition to the gradual demining of the country and the disarmament of civilians, he will be an open collaborator, henchman of the Russian scientist, and local soldiers who can impersonate civilians and carry out acts of sabotage.

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This increases the risks of sabotage and the emergence of a partisan movement. Ivan Stupak, who worked as an adviser to the Security Committee of the Republic of Ukraine, said that after the end of the occupation of the country, the Ukrainian intelligence services will have to take care of the borders with Russia and carry out a liquidation operation among the local population. Verkhovna Rada.

In his words, we can imagine examining the civilian population under the term “filter”. This is the cleansing. It will be revealed whether they participated in organizing a referendum on joining Russia, whether they cooperated with separatist groups and succumbed to the propaganda of the Russian world.

In search of collaborators, the security management unit has experience, for example, from the Kharkiv region and the Kiev region, where they arrested about a hundred people after the Russian move in April. For agreeing to the invasion and aiding enemy units, they were sentenced to 15 years in prison. In January of this year, the Kharkiv court sent an 11-year-old artist, who made leaflets and postcards for the Russian army, to serve on my behalf for ten years.

Both Ovem and the leaders in Kiev realize that a tougher approach could be counterproductive to reintegrating Donbass and seeking justice. Clough will find a balance between implementing the necessary security measures and keeping the local population calm.

If we can clamp down and appoint only people from the western regions of Ukraine to local positions of power, we can create tension and resistance among the population. If the Putin regime is still in power in Russia, Ivan Stupak warns, it will only rekindle the mood.

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