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“I saw him in the name of Jerry Maguire.”

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The heart of Canucks striker Antoine Roussel remained mourned until Wednesday, just days after the death of his agent Christian Diegel.

On Tuesday at the Bell Center, Franco Quebec’s bad winger pointed to the sky after scoring against CH. There was no doubt about it: Russell had just received Christian, who was also a good friend in addition to being his agent.

“I lost a pillar in my life, obviously, Russell admitted, Wednesday, to” JiC. “Last night, when I scored at the Bell Center, it was the goal I scored for him.”

“When he’s out of the ring, he’s usually there with my parents, and my family, and he takes care of them,” the 31-year-old athlete continued. I know it was there somehow. Was sad. “Riding” the bus to the airport, tears were in my eyes all the way. It is not easy. “

Diggle, who left us on Friday, was present everywhere in the hockey player’s life.

“We know that in our neighborhood, he always wanted the best for us,” Russell said. When I say it was pillar: He somehow organized my family in wills, insurance, and financial planning. Once I had a financial or personal question, Christian was the one I went for. The fact that there is no longer a big gap. “

“I saw him, Jerry Maguire, and that’s how he treated us,” added the former QMJHL. He was there for me the whole time. This summer, I moved to Saguenay and he came to help me. There he was, he was carrying the boxes and this is the last time we were really together (…) His heart was in his hand and I’m going to miss him. ”

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Not easy against Montreal

When it comes to hockey, Russell and Canucks emerged from two difficult losses to CH at the Bale Center, after losing two of their three matches to the same team in Vancouver two weeks ago.

Suffice it to say, the Hab has seriously had Canucks so far this season. Russell said there’s a very specific reason for this.

“I want to say the difference is Tyler Toffoli,” Russell summed up first of the person who has scored eight goals in five matches against Canucks this year.

“The last time I saw a player who was Patrick Lane a lot, it was Patrick Lane,” he added. Against the stars, he scored no fewer than twice in every game in his first ten matches against us. I feel like I can still see this. “

Russell considers the Canadians to form a “very fast” team that has a very good revival to attack.

“I am confident that we will go back and that we will be able to compete against the Canadians fairly quickly and I cannot wait to win against them. The season is not won immediately and there is still a long way to go before the qualifiers.”

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