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Watch Netflix with friends during the Coronavirus Pandemic

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In these times of coronavirus, the mood is no celebration. Even if it is, parties are prohibited. Virtual gatherings, however, are recommended. And the new Netflix Party expansion can help overcome the anxiety, sadness, or boredom caused by social distancing during the movie.

“This is so beautiful!” Notes Pascal Brillon on the arrival of this feature. The professor in the Department of Psychology at UQAM, who also heads the Trauma and Resilience Lab, praises “all initiatives to break the isolation.”

Of course, professionals usually encourage us to limit the use of screens. But in this unprecedented situation, some recommendations need re-evaluation. Well-being is needed. “Obviously, if we had the opportunity to go out dancing together and singing in the choir, that would be great,” says the specialist psychologist, among other areas, in Anxiety. On the contrary, we are required to isolate ourselves from others. It is our civic responsibility. “

This is where ideas like Netflix Party can come in handy. Watching a movie with our distant loved ones and being able to chat at the same time (“This actor is so cool!” “This scene is legendary!”), It’s very simple. But it works. “Of course we also recommend taking a book, exercising, and going for a walk. But if digital technology can boost social support, that’s much better!”

Situational business

Thursday, on the list of most-watched productions on Netflix Canada, Contagion, By Steven Soderberg, he was second. Documentary pandemicHe is in ninth place. However, is it a good idea to see titles like this in a (remote) bar? Where do people cough and blow their nose and panic?

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On this topic, Pascal Brillon recalls the explosion in sales the fishBy Camo. Much like disaster shows, the increasing popularity of these literary classics is, she says, “The desire to better understand an unknown situation. If I read The Plague, if I see contagion, it allows me to understand my anxiety through my intelligence. It’s an interesting coping mechanism.” .

You have to expose yourself to beauty, to grandeur, to masterpieces that attract admiration, that have stood the test of time, and that reassure us of our human condition.

And if a chatroom is particularly nervous about the situation, and thus through the scene of Gwyneth Paltrow embodying “Patient Zero”, is he likely to pass his stress on to others? If we could discuss the movie we are watching in writing, the anxiety pollution would be minimal. “

Like the unstoppable national director of public health, Horacio Arruda, who declared at a press conference that “music is essential” in his life, Pascal Brion advocates the use of art in times of crisis. Especially since many institutions currently offer many free options. She indulged herself in the New York Opera online show. “You have to expose yourself to beauty, grandeur, and masterpieces that are admired, that have stood the test of time, and that reassure us of our human condition,” she explains. So we can return to the bad news and adapt to our daily lives. “

And for those who don’t like or use Netflix, there are other ways to “party”. For fans of YouTube, for example, posts Watching 2gether It allows you to watch videos with your friends simultaneously. The psychologist also suggests the application Zoom, which is usually popular with speakers of video conferencing. “We can meet three, five or seven people to laugh and eat at the same time in front of our screen.”

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Another positive note in closing? Studies show that direct support is not necessarily better than virtual support. The quality of support and attachment is important. ” good Party!

A previous version of this text mistakenly indicated that the extension was launched by Netflix. It is actually an app independent of the internet broadcasting giant. Our apologies.

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