“I will take some of the blame” – Martin St. Louis

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Martin St. Louis has enjoyed a career of over 1,100 NHL games. He has enough experience to know when to criticize his players or when to take the responsibility on his shoulders. After losing 8-4 to the Capitals, he looked in his own direction saying he didn’t spend enough time in a 4-on-4 game in practice. In his defense, he doesn’t have much time to practice at the end of the season.

“Four against four, we scored two goals. Capitals are good when they have more space. I’ll take some of the blame. We didn’t work much on four against four. We took the penalty. The best players gained confidence by hitting multiple pucks. We lost the rhythm of the match.”

Martin St. Louis

Jake Evans scored 11 for himAnd The goal of the season with a powerful shot. After the match, Evans declined to bring up the departure of Ben Shearoot and Arturi Leconen to explain the team’s defensive slowdown.

“I don’t think it’s a factor. There are no excuses. It’s our job. We are NHL players. Ben and Leckie were good defensive players. But we made a lot of mistakes late against the Caps. There were times when it wasn’t pretty in our territory.”

“Jake Evans”

Josh Anderson scratches his nose against Tom Wilson more than once in this game. 17 defended Evans after a brawl near the Canadian bench.

“It’s part of the game. When Wilson hits my teammates, not just one, it’s my responsibility to get involved. But I shouldn’t have punished him. I put my team in an awkward position.”

– Josh Anderson

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