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Ian Laperriere: “He deserved this opportunity”

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Virginia Whitehead
Virginia Whitehead
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Ian Laperrier rose through the ranks of the Philadelphia Flyers, and the next logical step for him was the position of head coach, which he secured with the organization’s school club, Lehigh Valley Phantoms.

Kiebecker spent the last three seasons of his football career in the Z Flyers, including the last two on the injured list, before moving to the second floor where he spent two years as player development manager. He went on to work for seven and a half seasons as an assistant, surviving four coaching changes during that time.

On Sunday, the Flyers offered him to lead the MLS team, replacing Scott Gordon.

“At the age of 47, Ian learned his skills as a player and as a member of the team. He deserved this opportunity. He has done everything within this organization and will bring so much to our school club. Everyone supports him, starting with Alain Vigneault, Paul Holmgren and Bobby Clarke. She is an honest, passionate, energetic and passionate person. “I still haven’t met someone who doesn’t respect him. Plus, his ability to connect with people makes players want to get high for him,” Flyers general manager Chuck Fletcher said in a video conference Monday.

stay as you are

During his years as an assistant coach, Laperrière developed the role of confidant for some players. Now as head coach, he knows there will be an adjustment to make, but he has no plans to become anyone else.

“I want to be myself. It’s what got me to where I am today and I have no intention of changing. Now I have control over one thing I didn’t have before: ice time. Players know it. Several things wouldn’t be negotiable. Players, like coaches. “They will make mistakes and I can live with that. On the other hand, I will ask my players to respect the established system and work hard. In addition, I have always believed a lot in the physical condition. The players must be in good shape, because if it doesn’t, I will make sure that that.”

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And the NHL?

The job he just got could bring Laperrière closer to a job as a head coach in the NHL within a few years. However, he is not too concerned about this possibility.

“My goal is to make our young players better. I live day in and day out and that’s what I’ve been doing throughout my career. Yes, the NHL is a super league, but I want to make sure the Phantoms are competitive and our kids progress. If I do my job, that’s what will happen. In time Currently, I already have enough to take care of worrying about the NHL.”

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