ICI Tou.tv Treasure: L’arrivée (Access), by Denis Villeneuve

Like everyone else, linguistics expert Louise will open two large circles eyes when strange and intense ellipses are in some kind of stony ground all over the planet. But Louise, unlike everyone else, would be recruited by the military at the same time as a mathematician to try to communicate with those who inhabit these ships.

The idea is so beautiful that it will make you cry: language and mathematics to enter into a relationship with the other … But where this idea, imagined by novelist Ted Chiang, becomes unforgettable, is that it was directed by Dennis Villeneuve in what is still perhaps his best film today.

It is that Villeneuve, by diacritics Access, He seems to have grasped the basics by going back to the basics: those in old science fiction, solid, and ripe, that chase and mesmerize much more than they seek to wow people or make them cry.

A black ellipse floats over a misty canyon.
L’arrivée, de Denis Villeneuve Photo: Photo: Featured Images / Photo credit: Paramount Pictures

These fundamentals were first illustrated by the artistic direction (Patrice Fermitt’s website). Stylish menhirs, poetic connections, elegant touches, reminiscent of pure modern art and a certain geometry … the ideas amaze with their simplicity. But there was still Bradford Young’s director of photography, all in haze, sensitivity and gentleness, enveloping the landscape of Saint Laurent’s dress in an aura of captivating mystery. Or, of course, the official and mystical music of the late Johann Johansson.

More Access Not just a pretty and impressive empty shell. Oh no! Because this formal environment serves as the backdrop to a wonderful message: only language and our solidarity will enable us to avoid disaster.

Naive discovery? exactly the contrary. This clear and humane thought is, after all, the thought that has been at the heart of Steven Spielberg’s cinema from the start, the one that is actually narrated. Encounters of the third type (Close encounters of the third type) By serving as the basis for an intimate science fiction, full of humanity and kindness.

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In addition to these basics, AccessIt’s another story that saves surprises by turning on itself, a frank belief in the magic of cinema and Amy Adams as grief because she is complete and sly in a wonderful role for women, we couldn’t wait any longer. Explore Denis Villeneuve’s next foray into the lands of science fiction (Dune, Scheduled for next fall).

AccessOn ICI Tou.tv. Trailer (Source: YouTube)

Please note that the film is only available until May 27th

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