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IFixit assumptions about iPad mini 6 slow swipe

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Slow swipe on iPad mini 6 screen, also known as ‘jelly swipe’, is a file normal behavior For Apple that recalled yesterday that this effect occurs on all LCD screens. Oddly enough, while this slow swipe hasn’t been noticed by anyone yet, with the new mini tablet it’s the most noticeable – but not by everyone.

In his video about the iPad mini, iFixit It presents two hypotheses. The first was quickly cleared because it is impossible to confirm at the moment, Apple would have used a lower quality tile for this model. The second is more interesting. The tablet screen controller is positioned vertically on the left side when holding the iPad mini vertically.

Jelly Swipe on iPad mini 6 in slow motion.
On the iPad Air 4, this ugly effect is less noticeable in portrait format, but more so in landscape mode.

When using the tablet in portrait format, swiping the screen gives the impression that the text on the left “progresses” faster than the text on the right. The screen refreshes edge to edge, in a wave-like motion. The effect is less noticeable when using the iPad mini in landscape format, in which case the update is carried out line by line, parallel to the console.

The in-display controller on the iPad mini 6 is positioned perpendicular to the top of the iPad Air 4.

On the iPad Air in portrait mode, the controller is positioned at the top of the screen, which makes scrolling less cluttered in this format (but also less noticeable when using the iPad Air in landscape mode). On the iPad Pro, where the controller is also positioned vertically as on the iPad mini, the ProMotion display at 120Hz makes up for the slack in scrolling.

iFixit I gave a repairability rating of 3 out of 10 for this new mini tablet, due to the adhesive components (including the battery) and the use of adhesives that limit or prevent repairs.

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