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“I’ll be lucky” in Google Photos: How to use this hidden feature to view random photos

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Be amazed to review old photos with the “Get lucky” feature in Google Photos. So you can use it to show you random pictures.

Do you like seeing old photos to remember the good times through pictures? You don’t need to manually scroll through the Google Photos timeline to find these memories, because Google’s photo storage service shows you random photos through Hidden function called “I’ll be lucky”.

This name is already familiar to us, as there is also a Google button called “I’ll be lucky” which takes you directly to the first link related to your search. We’ll see in this article How to use this same-name function in Google Photos Watch random images and let the app surprise you. we are here!

Use the “I’ll be lucky” feature, which is hidden in Google Photos, to find random photos.

How to see random pictures in Google photos with the phrase “I’ll be lucky”

In the case of Google Images, the “I’ll be lucky” button doesn’t take you to a specific result like it does in the search engine, but rather shows you random photos and videos. Linked to a class in the question.

In our testing, we verified that Google’s Gallery service was showing us images of topics related to Activities -Parties, Outings-, Countries, regions and cities That we were in – the Balearic Islands – and also Specific sites City of Arts and Sciences.

How to download all your photos from Google photos step by step

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Do not look for this function called “I’ll be lucky” in the app, as it is a hidden tool Not in their lists. Therefore, we recommend that once you find it, To create a shortcut On your home screen for quick use.

Then we explain Step-by-step how to use the “I’ll get lucky” button To see random photos in Google Photos and how to create this shortcut:

  1. Find the Google Photos icon in your mobile phone’s app menu Click on it For several seconds.
  2. In the list of options that appear, tap “I’ll be lucky”. So Google Photos will show you those photos in your gallery related to a specific topic. In the case of our example, the topic is the United Kingdom.
  3. Repeat the process, but by pressing the “I’ll be lucky” button for a few seconds and Drag it to the home screen To create the shortcut.

"I will be lucky" In Google Photos: How to use this hidden feature to show random photos

Anytime you want to travel past photos, just click “I’ll be lucky” and Be surprised by google photos. Without a doubt, a very interesting hidden tool to look back at random and simple.

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