“Perpetual festivals” are permitted again from June 25 in Quebec

Details were presented at a press conference by Ministers Natalie Roy (Culture and Communication) and Carolyn Prolux (Tourism), accompanied by Dr. Eric Litvac, Deputy Strategic Medical Adviser at the General Directorate of Public Health of the Ministry of Health and Social. Services.

Many aspects of this plan were already revealed the day before by Prime Minister Legault.

Minister Roy, however, explained that Festivals list It could resume in a little over a month. Therefore, outdoor performances without dedicated seats will be allowed again from 25 June. Attendance is limited to 2,500 people per stage.

Meanwhile, Quebec will make some cuts, which were explained Tuesday.

In short, the culture deconstruction plan

First, we will help out LE 21 May When resuming the external offers with allocated seats. The maximum assistance will be set at 250 people.

Quebec will also allow driving parks to reopen, but it would be surprising if they immediately began showing movies again, as the curfew wouldn’t be lifted until the following week.

Cars parked in front of the screen.

Drive-backs regained popularity last summer, due to the pandemic.

Photo: Radio Canada

28 MayIn-room shows with dedicated seats will now be able to gather up to 2,500 people at the same amphitheater.

However, the spectators should be divided into independent subgroups of a maximum of 250 persons. Each of these sub-groups should have its own sanitation facilities as well as its own entry and exit points. A moderator must also be appointed by the organizers.

This same logic would apply to 25 June, When 75% of Quebec residents ages 12 and over receive their first dose of the vaccine, and the Legault government will allow outdoor performances without dedicated seats in front of a maximum of 2,500 people at each stage.

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Festivals interested in presenting several shows at the same time will be able to do so on the condition that the stages are installed within 500 meters of each other.

Beer will also be permitted

Event organizers will need to create a plan that can only be accomplished with public health approval.

Minister Roy indicated on Tuesday that the performances – whether staged indoors or outdoors, with or without dedicated seats – must be done in accordance with established health procedures, such as physical spacing and wearing a mask, which will vary according to the health procedures in place. Color steps for each area.

In the case of large outdoor events, for example, the organizers will have to provide globes or other means to ensure distance.

It’s still very tied up there. We must not believe that tomorrow we will all be stuck. But at least we’ll have the opportunity, the privilege, to be together, to be at a distance, to see artists and be on the outside.

Quote from:Natalie Roy, Minister of Culture and Communications

Caroline Prolux – who described the Caquist deconfinement as gradualAnd the gradualAnd the sequence And the discreet – He added that festival-goers will have to register to reserve their place. His government hopes this will facilitate the search for the missing in the event of an outbreak.

Good news, moreover, the minister announced that it would be possible to eat and drink this summer at festivals. Food vendors will be able to establish the site on the site, but to avoid congestion, orders will be received and submitted Mobile crew. Dr. Letvac said the service will end at 11 pm.

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As for the famous vaccine passport, no promoter has applied in this regard, said Ms. Brolux, who did not want to take a position on the merits of the question.

Undoubtedly, Wednesday’s announcement will be greeted with a sigh of relief from the event organizers, who found last summer a long time, despite Quebec’s financial support.

However, karaoke bar owners would be disappointed to learn that this kind of entertainment will continue to be banned, at least for the time being.

With Veronique Prince and the Canadian press

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