Immigration: making Trois-Rivieres a more welcoming city

The city targeted three objectives in developing its new reception strategy. It intends to better respond to their needs, appreciate their contribution to society and promote living together.

The new strategy was developed with about twenty community organizations. Migrants were also consulted during the process.

The plan includes developing a welcome kit that showcases the services and resources available, launching a call for projects aimed at bringing migrants closer to all Trois-Rivieres and organizing meetings between communities and the police.

Get rid of misunderstanding

Depending on the origin of the migrants, their experience or the reasons for leaving their country, this process of meeting with the police is necessary according to Yvan Souaza, Director General of the New Residents Service (SANA) in Trois-Rivieres. Some people may show avoidance behavior in front of a police officer because they do not understand how things are done here. These situations can lead to misunderstandings.

We see the police, we try to hide, we try not to have to deal with the police, but a police officer here can take it badly. Someone is hiding, they can be misunderstood. But the idea is precisely to break down prejudices on the one hand and on the other. »

Quote from Evan Swaza, Managing Director of Welcome service for new arrivals from Trois-Rivieres

Michelle Loranger, public relations and public relations officer for the Trois-Rivieres Police Department, agrees. It’s different, the laws in their country and the laws here. At the same time, it allows us to get closer to different cultural communities to know their origin and to be able to better intervene with them as well.

The city of Trois-Rivieres has submitted its Immigration Action Plan.

Photo: Radio Canada

Mayor Jean Lamarche noticed a growing interest from the émigré Petroe-Rivieres. When interest appears, we have to build a reception structure that allows us to make sure people are actually with us, and we want to make sure they stay.

With information from Charles Antoine Boulanger

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