Immigration to Canada: a resident who is still suspended after 32 months

Jean-Jacques Ayum Heol couldn’t handle it anymore.

After leaving his homeland of Cameroon in 2013 to study at Cégep de Sept-les, he decided to settle in the region forever. In 2017, he applied for permanent residency.

He obtained his Certificate of Choice from Quebec in the same year, and formally submitted his application to the federal government in October 2018. Since then, he is still awaiting a response from Ottawa.

It’s a lot of stress. It can have an impact on a professional level because we’re just not that good at the head. I can check my emails 50 times a day. I tell myself an email from immigration will get thereAs Jean-Jacques says, Eyes Heywell.

In Ontario, someone who comes like me can get permanent residency in less than a year. In Quebec, 32 months later, we haven’t had a signal yet. It’s a handicap situation, we can’t get a loan if we want to buy a house.

Quote from:Jean-Jacques Ayoun Huell is a resident of Bay Como

These long delays are not without consequences. In particular, he had to obtain a new work permit after the work permit expired after graduation. This is another move that has caused great expense and pressure on Jean-Jacques Ayum Heol. Fortunately, his job is on Quebec De la Côte-Nord made things a little easier.

However, its status is far from unique. Immigration applicants must wait 27 months, on average, once their file is in the hands of the federal government. In the other Canadian provinces, this period is rather six months.

Québec privacy

Quebec is the only province with double responsibility for immigration, with the federal governmentHelen Lejeune, head of immigrant services at the Alpha Lyra center in Saturday El, explains.

Hence, people trying to obtain permanent residency in Quebec It has to go through both levels of government. They have to be picked first by Quebec and then passing through the federal government in terms of safety and health, as this maximizes processing you say.

It is terrible pressure on people. These are complex procedures and can account for more than $ 2,000 to obtain permanent residency.

Quote from:Helen Lejeune is in charge of immigrant services at the Alpha Lyra Center

Jean-Jacques Ayoun-Heul estimates that he and his wife spent around $ 3,500 obtaining permanent residency, not counting work permit applications.

I do all my orders myself. Imagine an unfamiliar person who has to pay a counselor. Around $ 3,000. Some will also go to find a lawyer, if there is a problem with the file. Each service is for a fee, Confirms.

Furthermore it, The provincial government changed its immigration regulations last summer, so these changes created further delays in processing casesHelen Legon adds.

The longest and most expensive in the region

The distance between Côte-Nord and the main centers makes procedures more difficult for newcomers.

The appointed doctors are not on the north shore. To perform the medical examinations, you must travel to Quebec or MontrealJean-Jacques remembers Hyol’s eyes. However, these trips result in delays and additional costs. And in the midst of a pandemic, these things are not always possible.

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Here, we are actively working to bring these services together, to allow people to have access to these services on the north shore.Ms. Lejeune says.

We recently developed a service so people can take their French test, and it’s now available on Sept-Ile, at the Alpha Lyra Center, but there’s still work to be done., Determined.

Marilyn Gill speaks on Radio Canada's microphone.

Manicwagan bloc member, Marilyn Gill, believes that newcomers who choose North Shore are disenfranchised compared to residents of large centers (archives).

Photo: Radio Canada

In this regard, Manicouagan’s deputy, Marilène Gill, wants to open a biometric data collection center on the northern shore.

As a Member of Parliament, I find this unfortunate. People might be forced to say, “I’m going out, eventually.” Persons must be able to reach, at a reasonable distance, somewhere in order to be able to complete their orders. It is necessary, Emphasizes.

There are two types of weights, which are two scales between major centers and regions. We don’t give people the same chance. We are discriminated against from this point of view.

Quote from:Marilyn Gill, Deputy Manicwagan

Ms Gill would also like to process requests from Quebec in parallel by Quebec and Ottawa, rather than one level after another of government, to speed up the process.

It also regrets that immigration files are still on paper and are not computerized, which has greatly increased delays when Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) staff have been forced to work from home due to the pandemic, and they no longer have access to the files. .

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It is necessary that the direction be changed toIRCC To keep up with the processing of files and keep them up to date, Says the deputy.

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