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In their first game under Boudreau, the Canucks shut out the Kings

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The Montreal Canadiens were enjoying a day off before welcoming the power of Tampa Bay Lightning on Tuesday night to their fans. Meanwhile, six meetings were presented to the public last night.

Basically, here is a summary of the highlights of this uncrowded evening.

1: The Bruce Boudreau Effect

Like CH, the Vancouver Canucks are experiencing a disastrous start to the season. Before their meeting against the Kings, the troops led by Bo Horvat were able to achieve only 8 small victories in 25 matches.

Thus, a change of guard occurred within the organization. Jim Benning (GM) and Travis Green were both fired by the team, which eventually appointed Bruce Boudreau in an effort to restart his season.

A decision that many find strange, but a good one.

It must be said that the strategy worked in the organization’s first game under Boudreau, as they beat the Los Angeles Kings 4-0 last night.

The Nucks’ last goal, scored by JT Miller, was especially beautiful:

2: The first pilots game without Vigneault and Therrien

After seeing the Canucks shoot their coach the day before, it was the Flyers’ turn to do the same. The Philadelphia team showed the door to Michel Terrain and Alain Vignolet, who have been in place since the latter’s appointment in 2019.

Mike Yu will now act.

However, the pilots had the opportunity to demonstrate what they could do to their new instructor when they encountered an avalanche, a scenario that didn’t necessarily go as planned.

In fact, the first period between the two teams was completely insane. No fewer than seven goals were scored in the first twenty minutes of play, here they are! :

We saw it fast and well worth seeing again, here’s what Cal Makar scored:

And so Flyers retired to the locker room by one goal difference, but it was a little too late. They ended up losing 7-5 in the opening match to Yeo at the helm.

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3: Jake Guentzel, again

I’m really starting to wonder if anyone would be able to stop Jake Guenzel’s prowess.

It turns out that the penguins attacker is the most hot Currently in the league, having scored at least one point in his last 12 games.

His streak continued last night against (poor) Kraken, as he finished the game with two goals and one pass. He has now collected 19 points in his last 13 games, and has a total of 15 goals since the start of the season!

His second goal of the match was also impressive:

4: The ghost raises his hands on Sunday

Shayne Gostisbehere… You’re talking about a guy who caused a lot of ink to flow in Montreal.

A major stakeholder has found itself at the center of some 342 deal rumors that have sent it to CH in recent years. In the end, it never happened, much to the delight of fans.

Remember that Gostisbehere started his career on the wheel caps with the Flyers, but things soon changed for him, and he became a defensive burden on his training.

Among other things, and for one of its reasons, pilots have it. likeness In Arizona (for absolutely nothing, by the way). However, the ghost appears to be enjoying the colors of his new team.

Last night, he made a beautiful play to score his fourth of the season, collecting his 17th point in 25 games. Not bad, for a man, as I said earlier, was largely given to wolves.

In this same match, which the stars also won, a former Canadian stood out. You guessed it, but it comes down to Radu, who made two skillful passes that led to the goals:

a lot of

– Lovely turn For the veteran warrior of wolves.

– Needless to say, the same goes for the former shark captain.

– It’s really excellent.

– From the great TJ Oshie.

Demons waste no time against sensations.

The evening shot belongs to Drake Paterson.

– Not bad!

– Always have fun moments to see.

Kraken has released a new jacket for a special cause, and it’s awesome.

– A very nice gesture of regulating the senses.

– At least ten matches played today in the big league:

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