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What will the first Pixel watch look like?

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Google is preparing a connected watch to compete with the Apple Watch. Screenshots from an internal source reveal the first images and confirm the name of the Google Pixel Watch.

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New pictures for the future pixel Google Watch just leaked thanks leaker John Prosser. He exchanged information about the future rival of l’Apple Watch in April. The launch is planned at the same time as the smartphone Pixel 6, which was announced in October. However, at that time, it only had CGI and the launch of the smartwatch was postponed due to a lack of Semiconductors.

new photos screenshot Marketing materials, most of which are very poor quality. They come straight from Google and confirm the offerings released earlier this year as well as the name: it will be the Pixel Watch. As expected, it will be without edges. It will have a simple circular screen with a side button.

Launching in the first quarter of 2022

The Pixel Watch should have most of the usual functions, with a pedometer and a heart rate monitor. will use file OS Wear OS 3 based on Android, without overlay (unlike Galaxy Watch 4). The launch date is not known yet, but according to leaker It should be announced during the first quarter of 2022.

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Jon Prosser also took the opportunity to deny a rumor circulating in the pixel fold. According to some, the foldable smartphone, the first information of which was leaked in 2019, has been cancelled. For him, this is not the case. However, at this time we still don’t have an estimate of a possible launch date.

Leaker Jon Prosser summarizes the information on Google’s Pixel Watch and exclusively shares the new picks – starting at 6:40. (Enable machine translation for translations.) © Front Page Tech

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