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We will reveal our answer in due time and quietly. Russia comments on Finland’s accession to NATO

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“We are not racing with the NATO locomotive, we do not need it. At the right time we will calmly reveal our answer,” Ryabkov said. According to Russian media, he also questioned “statements of official representatives in some Western media,” according to which the West believes that Russia will not respond in any way to Finland’s approach.

We will respond when the time is right. He said On Russia 24 TV channel. According to the deputy, “the security of these Scandinavian countries will not increase as a result of this action (joining NATO), but will weaken.”

Relations with the United States have been destroyed.

He believes that the relations between Russia and the United States can be described by the word “collapse”, for which the American side bears responsibility. “I think I can describe the current state of this relationship in one word – collapse. Relationships are destroyed and the responsibility for that lies with the United States.

Ryabkov He also commented on the suspension of Russia’s participation in the Strategic Offensive Reduction Treaty (START). He reminded that the change that occurred “is not the fault of the Russian side,” gives, according to legal doctrine, a reason to reassess the attitude towards his participation in it.

Finland becomes the thirty-first member of NATO


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