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“In university research, competence and science should be prioritized.” Louis Blamondon

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“In university research, competence and science should be prioritized.” Louis Blamondon

OTTAWA, June 1, 2022 – The Quebecwa bloc has used the day of the opposition to introduce a motion urging the House of Commons to denounce all forms of discrimination. More specifically, the proposal asks the government to review the criteria for the university’s research chairs program in order to prioritize candidates’ skills, and that grants for this program be allocated on the basis of science rather than identity criteria or criteria. It has nothing to do with the research topic.

“University research centers are above all places of knowledge dedicated to science and the main criterion that should guide the selection of their scholars is precisely the high level of excellence as well as their skills in their field of study. Excluding qualified scholars on the basis of identity criteria is nonsense and goes against the mission of the university. It must remain Excellence is the first criterion: universities are fully capable of equipping themselves with policies that promote equality, diversity and inclusion among their pool of qualified candidates.”Bécancour-Nicolet-Saurel MP, Louis Plamondon, supports.

“Education is the business of Quebec, which has also created its own network of universities to serve all of its regions and support their economic development. Through its Research Chairs Program, Ottawa has tripled the exclusive jurisdiction of Quebec in the field of education. This program has become a program for the recruitment of university professors; It also undermines the autonomy of universities, as universities have to meet strict federal government quotas or risk losing some of their funding. Finally, it restricts academic freedom, as scholars must demonstrate that they adhere to program theories when completing their application documents”Mr. Blamondon deplores.

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This Ottawa policy applies ideological mathematics that does not actually work, particularly that of Quebec universities. If we want to improve access to different groups, there are other possible solutions. Ottawa has a problem: Increased scholarships and research grants for doctoral students that haven’t increased since 2003″to conclude with Louis Blomondon.

Source: Office of Representative Louis Blamondon

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