The 24th Cinema of Quebec | The Drunken Birds stands out at the craftsman’s party

During the first part of 24e Gala Québec Cinéma, mainly dedicated to more artistic categories, drunk birds It stood out more than any other movie. Ivan Grubevich’s stellar stellar film is headed to the next gala, which takes place in the evening, with five Iris Awards to be harvested: Best Cinematography (Sarah Mishara also co-signed the screenplay for this film), Best Editing (Arthur Tarnovsky), Best Original Music (Philip Brault) ), Best Sound (Olivier Calvert, Stephen de Oliveira and Bernard Garipe Strobel) and Best Casting (Natalie Pottery).

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Marc André Loser

Marc André Loser

We recall that drunk birdsthe film that represented Canada at the Academy Awards in the Best International Film category earlier this year, was quoted in 16 categories, as is Maria Chapdelin. Sebastien Bilot’s very beautiful film won the Iris Award for Best Costumes (Francesca Chamberland) and Best Hairstyles (Martin Lapointe).

quoted 13 times, time catchera film by Francis Leclerc with a screenplay by Fred Bellerin, has so far won in the categories for Best Art Direction (Arnaud Presbyoa, Jean Papin, Yves Turcot), Best Visual Effects (Alchimie 24) and Best Make-up (Adriana Verbert and Bruno Gatien).

In the categories for documentaries, like a waveWritten by Marie-Julie Dallaire, it has already won two Iris Awards, awarded for Best Cinematography (Toby Marie Ropitel and Jose Dechais) and Best Editing (Louis Martin Paradis). An Iris Award for Best Sound for the film was also given sons (Bruno Belanger, Manon Cousin, Louis-Philippe Amiot, Evan Urwena, René Portillo); Best original music in archipelago (Stéphane Lafleur and Christophe Lamarche-Lido).

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traffickerDirected by Caroline Monet, it won the Iris Award for the most successful film outside of Quebec.

Sixteen prizes were awarded during this Artisan Gala, hosted by Guillaume Lambert, including the Iris Tribute, given this year to Louise Portal. Celebrating 50 years in cinema, the actress has moved on, and has been able to hear beautiful testimonials from Gaston Lepage, Sophie Derasby, David La Haye, Gilbert Secot, and René Beaulieu. The professionals assembled at the Cirque Éloize studios also gave him a warm welcome.

Fourteen other Iris Awards will be presented in the evening. This part of 24e Gala Quebec Cinemas will be broadcast live on Ici Radio-Canada Télé, at 8pm, from Studio 42.

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