In which urban areas in the southwest do we vaccinate more and less?

Written by Olivier Saint-Faustin

From city to city, the vaccination rate can be very variable, according to data published online by Medicare. An update on the good and bad students of Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Vaccination at any cost! This is the message the government has been conveying for days, concerned about the rise of the delta variable. After Emmanuel Macron’s speech, An arsenal of incentives has been announcedIt appears that the message has been heard: Tuesday, within 24 hours, France’s injection record was broken, with approximately 800,000 doses.

A necessity in light of the continuing high disparity in the rate of vaccination against Covid-19 from one CdC to another. At the end of June, the health insurance company published the percentage of people who had been vaccinated, with one or two doses, on its Data Vaccine Covid website at each of France’s 1,254 community-based co-operation institutions. Here’s what to remember from the situation in New Aquitaine according to the most recent data available, as of Sunday, June 27.

health insurance

CdC on top

In the region, the award for the most vaccinated CdC goes to the Vézère Monédières Millesources (Correz): 62.5% of the population received a first dose there, and 48.7% of the full vaccination schedule benefited. Two other CdCs reached or exceeded the 60% barrier of vaccinations for the first time: those of Pays de Lubersac-Pompadour (Correz 61.7% and 48.7%), and Coteaux et Vallées de Luys (Landes, 60% and 38%).

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Other CdCs manipulate this 60% threshold. Let us quote Royan Atlantique, in Charente-Maritime, 59.6% and 42.2%, Arcachon Basin (Cobas, Gironde), 59.1% and 42.7%, or Haut Limousin en Marche (Haute-Vienne) with 58.4% and 41.9%.

Those who need to do better

Apart from these presentations, other CdCs have very low vaccination coverage. In the southwest, the lowest rates were observed in the Gironde, in the CdC Latitude Nord Gironde (Saint-Mariens, Laruscade, Cézac, etc.), which had only 38.5% of primary vaccines, and 20.5% of vaccinated people. He received two injections.

Elsewhere, at least 43% of people received a dose. However, coverage is still low in CdC du Grand-Cubzaguais (Girond), with 43.5% and 22.7%, in CdC Médullienne (Gironde), with 45.4% and 24.5%, or in CdC Aunis Sud and Aunis Atlantique (Charente-Maritime) , respectively 45.9%-24.9% and 46.4%-24.7%).

main cities

In the main gatherings of the region, the numbers are also very variable. Bordeaux (49.6% and 29.2%), Agen (48.5% and 32.4%) and Bergerac (47.4% and 31.7%) come in late, with less than 50% of their initial vaccinations on June 27. A number to bear in mind, the population is clearly not equivalent from one city to another.

Slightly above the 50% mark, Angoulême (50.5% and 31.2%) and Perego (51.4% and 36.2%) come in. Finally, performance is satisfactory in five pools: those in La Rochelle (53.3% and 32.4%), Pau (54.1% and 35.8%), Mont-de-Marsan (54.6%)% and 35.2%), Bayonne (55% and 36.5%) and Dax (55.2% and 35.9%).

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