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Increased security in Old Quebec on October 31

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According to our information, more security men will be stationed at the symbolic hotel in the capital, where one of the victims took refuge after a stabbing attack, on the evening of Halloween.

The Société de développement Commercial (SDC) du Vieux-Québec also confirms that at least two of its members have hired security guards for October 31.

What I felt was that it was more to secure customers, to give a picture of security that day because of what happened last year, comment manager SDCDonald Gilbert.

He specifies that these are stores, where customers come and go, and they want to add agents to their floors on the day of the celebration.

Mr. Gilbert believes, however, that although it is difficult to find meaning in this tragedy, in which the killer attacks the people he met on his way for no apparent reason, we must avoid creating continuous concussion about security.

It is a free and crazy event that affected people and claimed lives. Now, Old Quebec is no more dangerous than it was before that event.

Quote from:Donald Gilbert, Director, SDC du Vieux-Québec

More policemen

Unsurprisingly, that SPVQ It also plans to deploy more police officers than usual to Old Quebec on Sunday, but did not reveal the exact number of officers who would be in the area.

Members of the security forces will be though specifically customized In the neighborhood, by e-mail the spokeswoman for the police force, Marie-Pierre Rivard.

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The Quebec City Police Department is deeply concerned by the tragic events of October 31, 2020, and we know that this day will forever be engraved in the memory of citizens., she writes.

Our primary mission as a police organization is to ensure the safety of the citizens of Quebec and to do everything possible to ensure a sense of security among the residents.

Quote from:Marie-Pierre Rivard, spokeswoman for SPVQ

President SPVQDenis Turcot, is planning to participate in the memorial service that will take place at 1 pm.

The activity will begin in the forecourt of Quebec City Hall, where Mayor Regis Labium will speak, before moving on to the places where Suzanne Clermont and François Duchesne lost their lives last year.

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