Indigenous women of Quebec leave the League of Indigenous Women of Canada

This decision was made last May Instructions The media did not report until Thursday.

Since 2020, Instructions He was excluded from any participation in the Board of DirectorsBusinessAnd without knowing it. This contributed significantly to the further deterioration of the relationship between the two organizations, which was already fragile., Indicates Instructions In a press release.

Confirmation completely refutesBusiness. Marie Hannaburg, Executive Member of Instructions, is still a member of the board of directorsBusiness It has continued to receive notices, agendas and documents from every Board meeting held since Ms. Michelle’s suspension, the organization’s attorney, Edward Mann, explains in an email.

It also indicates that Ms. Hanaburg never attended the meetings during this His attendance was expected, and his absence from every meeting was unjustified and disappointing.

To read the document, Instructions Gives the impression thatBusiness Who excluded: We consider it Instructions You must have been notified of this exclusion by receiving official documentation fromBusiness ordered this news.

Madame Grolux stands in the middle of several large envelopes.

Lynne Groulkes and Vivien Michel do not have a good relationship.

Photo: Association of Indigenous Women of Canada

The Instructions think so nowBusiness It is no longer credible enough to carry out its mission, moreover, it guarantees it Several women alleged that they were mistreated byBusiness.

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We had to act in the best interests of our members. The adoption of this resolution was essential to the well-being of all indigenous women and girls. Instructions It will continue to carry out its mission independently ofBusiness, which aims to collectively and individually advance the rights and interests of Indigenous women in Quebec. Thus, we will carry the voice of our organization in a healthy environmentsays Vivian Michel, Principal Instructions In the press release.

Their organization has chosen to move forward and we wish them the best in their future endeavours., attorney Edward Mann concludesBusiness.

Remember that relations have been strained for some time between the two organizations. There is a conflict between the general managerBusinessLynne Groulkes and Vivien Michel.

In August 2019, Ms Groulx filed a complaint in particular for harassment and retaliation against Ms. Michel.

Then, in December 2019, . was releasedBusiness He confirmed that Vivian Michel had been suspended due to this complaint, which led to divisions within the company’s board of directorsBusiness.

Called by Radio Canada, Instructions He did not respond to our interview requests.

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