Instagram improves the interface of its stories on the computer

If the stories were initially designed for mobile browsing, the various restrictions and the rise of remote work have prompted users to consult them more and more from their computers. That’s why Instagram decided to present this format as a new desktop interface in a circular shape, we learn. the edge.

On the computer Instagram stories have the right to change (small)

from today, Instagram stories appear as a carousel When opened on a computer. Concretely, this means that users will be able to see previews of the following stories, and the ones they have previously viewed. To change the story, one click is enough. If the change isn’t spectacular, it has the advantage of being very practical as it facilitates navigation from one story to the next and thus offers an experience roughly similar to that on a mobile phone.

A necessary commodity, as mentioned earlier, since the health crisis that led to the emergence of telecommuting. Users spend more and more time on their computers and therefore have more The tendency to display stories other than those from their mobile device.

This little update also proves thatInstagram He did not lose interest in this form that contributed to his success. If stories prevail on the social network of Mark Zuckerberg, They recently had a competition with reels. Officially launched August 2020 To compete with TikTok, this very creative new format quickly caught the attention of users and became Favorite place inside the platform.

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Stories have become staple on social networks

First appeared on Snapchat, The stories spread quickly to other social networksAnd the Instagram in mind. They all ended up succumbing to this much appreciated format by users, and knew how to adapt it so that it better matched their identity and privacy.

March 2020, T.Witter has unveiled his own stories called Fleets. Ephemeral, it aims to allow tweeters to initiate conversations, without getting too involved. One way to reduce online harassment on the platform, is by offering a less “risky” alternative to more shy users.

from his side, LinkedIn has also succumbed to the stories trend. If the job receives a mixed reception from users, the social professional network appears to have believed in this new format for professional accounts since it was introduced recently. Option to add links.

lately, Pinterest Story Pins launched. Unlike the stories we know on other social networks, this one is not ephemeral. A wise choice as the primary goal of the platform is to inspire its users. So it was important to make this content available indefinitely.

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