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Here is a long list of mistakes to watch out for before buying them

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The Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 pro have been very popular with critics but over the past few months they have been plagued with problems and bugs that have popped up over the course of updates. We evaluated the users around us.

Google Pixel 6

Google Pixel 6 // Source: Anthony Winner – Frandroid

Needless to say, the first updates ofAndroid 12 From Pixel 6 And Pixel 6 Pro, especially in December, greatly from the deterioration of the experience on advanced smart phones from Google. So much so that it becomes as hard to recommend them as possible in reserve as when they were released, when we gave them a 9/10 each without much hesitation.

Not far from beta

To sum up the scale of the problem, a colleague using this Pro version sighed:

We don’t feel like we’re in alpha, but it still looks like the smartphone is in beta…

Granted, every user has a different experience, and some haven’t spotted any issues at all. good for them. But the situation is that every Pixel 6 owner we spoke to has discovered at least one problem. So we decided to identify the most annoying concerns. Each time, we also tried to determine if a file January update He was able to fix something.

Let’s add that this does not mean that pixels are bad phones, far from it. But given the role things take, we’ll have to get used to these bugs for a while and consider them before we go to the checkout. Even if future updates will fix it in the future, at least we hope so.

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Primary light sensor

Around us, at least two users agreed on one point: Auto-brightness works in a rather strange way.

The first problem, is that the sensor takes an abnormally long time to adapt to the ambient light. If we immerse the phone in a closed bag, we can wait several seconds, take it out and the sensor will not move yet.

The second concern noted by our colleagues: sometimes it suddenly changes brightness without apparent logic. For example, you are in the dark watching a streak, and all of a sudden your Pixel 6 will start sending a bunch of lice into your eyes.

Unfortunately, the January update doesn’t seem to fix this.

bluetooth in cabbage

The second major issue you should expect with the Pixel 6 and its Pro counterpart: Bluetooth is problematic or very lost.

Since testimony is worth more than a long talk, here’s a recap of the current experience:

The other day, I couldn’t find the Bluetooth device (headphones) I wanted to connect to. While they were in pairing mode and could be discovered on my computer. I’ve disabled Bluetooth and then re-enabled it, and it didn’t change anything. In the end, I had to restart the Pixel 6 Pro to detect the headphones.

Google Pixel 6 Pro (left) and Pixel 6 (right)

Google Pixel 6 Pro (left) and Pixel 6 (right) // Source: Anthony Wonner – Frandroid

The second certification appears to confirm that Bluetooth is a black spot for the Pixel 6:

The bluetooth is activated without me doing anything i.e. without an object nearby and even in my sleep at night when I deactivate it fine.

The January update didn’t seem to fix the problem.

pocket release

The third major hitch we noticed: the screen has an annoying tendency to light up for no reason in the user’s pocket. This means that even when there are no notifications, the screen will light up from time to time without knowing why.

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As a result, the colleague who has activated Smart Lock, which identifies when you get close to your home and removes lock options to make your life easier when you’re home, sees their phone unlocking itself regularly when they get home, and the podcast they’ve stopped scrolling without it. annoying.

Despite the latest January update, it’s still happening.

little bugs

Too much about really annoying or frustrating issues. But the Pixel 6 experience is also full of many little annoyances, which we list below.

Article you around the clock

Your promise of unified design through color themes is full of frustrating little exceptions. Think, for example, of a watch tool that does not want to work.

On a larger scale, it happens that the theme of the chosen color of the icons changes for no apparent reason.

show bugs

A colleague noticed a rather annoying error: his soundbar no longer wanted to disappear. This is what it looks like in the video.


lyan youtubeSubscribe to Frandroid

If of course all smartphones can experience bugs, this one still helps give the impression of unfinished business.

The same goes for some of the display bugs found in a strange world, like the ones you can see below. Here the Pixel 6 is unlocked, but every time our colleague gets a notification, that’s what his screen looks like.

Animation error on Pixel 6.

Animation error on Pixel 6. // Source: Frandroid

Obviously, the animation that is supposed to apply when the fingerprint reader is used is picked up. The only solution: lock the phone then unlock it. Let’s add that this display bug was noticed after applying the January update.

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Disturbed Spotify Playback

Still in the music department, a colleague reported this bug to us.

Spotify play bar error on Pixel 6.

Spotify play bar error on Pixel 6. // Source: Frandroid

His Spotify playbar, which was supposed to allow him to jump between titles or pause, appears to be spinning in a vacuum.

Slow but reasonable fingerprint sensor

The problem raised the most is Pixel 6 fingerprint sensor is very slow, which Google has officially contacted elsewhere.

This might be a bit of a frustrating detail, but it would be within reason. Let’s add that the latest update didn’t quite fix this aspect.

slow spread

Even the update that’s supposed to fix Pixel 6 issues is a bit problematic.

Indeed, publishing seems to be a bit slow. For example, none of the users we interviewed received the update on Friday, January 21st, while some have been using it since Tuesday, January 18th.

The installation itself seemed a problem to us. To update 215MB, it took about an hour and 20 colleagues to install all the same.

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