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Instagram: “Take a break” What is this new feature implemented?

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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Following a tip last fall, Instagram rolled out a new feature since Thursday called “Take a Break,” which translates to “Take a break.”

according to NomiramaThis all-new feature allows the social network to suggest you take a break and unplug in order to clear your mind by doing something else, rather than taking your time scrolling through your news feed, without something new happening there.

However, at the moment, this novelty is not accessible to all Instagram subscribers, because it requires a few days to activate globally, limiting digital media.

This new option will use the time spent on the app and then send recommendations to sometimes disconnect. For this, users will be required to set up reminders, so that they will be sent a notification every 10, 20, 30 minutes or something else. However, this callback proposal can still be rejected, although it will appear again later.

Young people are most affected

The platform specifies that young people are particularly affected by this new feature, and asserts that “first tests show that once the reminders are activated, more than 90% of them keep them.”

If the option is activated, it will then offer activities such as breathing exercises, listening to music, writing or checking its “to-do list”. The social network said these are “expert-validated tricks to help him take a step back to recharge his batteries”.

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