Instagram: We will soon be able to share snippets of songs with friends via Apple Music

after the messengerIt’s Instagram’s turn to win some features. It will soon be possible to reply to a private message directly from its news feed, by tapping on the app’s internal notification: this will avoid some unnecessary round trips on the messaging system and in the discussion thread. In addition, we can now share a post with a user more quickly and see which friends are online in a jiffy.

Messaging is also enriched with some functions, including a rather practical one that allows you to send a 30-second snippet of music. The integration will be with Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Spotify. Users will be able to play, pause, or restart this preview.

Other than that, you can also use the same shortcut provided for Messenger to send a silent message on a group chat (by typing @silent with text). A lo-fi feature has been added for chats, and a poll feature is set to roll out soon. Meta specifies that these new features are available “in certain countries,” but plans to roll them out globally. Nothing is activated in France at the moment.

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