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Intel pays “I’m a Mac” representative to make fun of the Apple MacBook M1

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As you know, Apple ditched Intel. In a few months, all Macs will be equipped with the ARM chip. Intel decided to face the box. Instead of designing lower-power chips stronger than the Apple M1, the American founder preferred to launch a series of TV ads to poke fun at Apple.

In 2006, Apple launched a major communication campaign titled Get a Mac. For three years, these TV ads were broadcast in many countries around the world. They always open against an all-white background, and a casual-dressed man introduces himself as an Apple Macintosh computer (Hey, I’m a Mac), while a man in a formal suit and tie stands up. A Microsoft Windows computer (“I am a computer”).

The purpose of this series of commercials was to connect PC users (especially Windows users) with the cliché “disliked”, while portraying Apple Mac users as young and creative.

Intel pays a player on the Apple site

It’s 2021 and Intel has just launched a calling campaign with Justin Long, the actor who played Macintosh over 10 years ago.

This time it is MacBook Pro M1 And the MacBook Air M1 Targeted at Intel, the American brand has produced a series of 5 placements in which all the acclaims for its current computers are highlighted: important choice, most versatile use, touch screen display, tablet layout … some recent models can be seen. Under Windows 10 IncludingAsus ZenBook Duo 14 With two screens. One point highlights the PC as a gaming machine, illustrated in the MSI Gaming Stealth 15M, with the clarification that “Nobody plays on a Mac”.

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Huawei has done almost the same

This isn’t the first time Justin Long has appeared in advertising campaigns for an Apple competitor. In 2017, the actor starred in a series of Huawei commercials promoting the Mate 9 smartphone.

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