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Lowering the Tax Rate for Small and Medium Enterprises: Quebecers in Favor of Tax Justice

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Maria Gill
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A majority of Quebecers oppose a tax policy that blocks access to a low income tax rate for small and medium-sized companies in the service and construction sectors, when they pay less than 5,500 hours of work per year for all of their employees.

This is according to a survey conducted by Léger on Wednesday on behalf of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB). In fact, 75% of Quebecers say they oppose such a “unique” tax policy in Canada.

“The people of Quebec are very sensitive to injustice, and today, they are sending a clear and clear message to the Quebec government: They are against this tax policy,” said Francois Vincent, Vice President of CFIB, in a statement. .

The CFIB does not believe that imposing more taxes on SMEs can boost their growth and prosperity in regions.

Quebecers ’opinion on the topic has not changed since a survey was conducted on the same question, in February 2020, confirming the results. The investigation showed that 72% of respondents oppose this restriction.

“The results of our survey show that people in Quebec want their government to implement a reduced rate for SMEs and that they can benefit from it, regardless of the sector of activity,” said Vincent.

He added, “The Finance Minister’s budget is an opportunity to seize the opportunity to restore tax justice, prevent small companies from colliding with a financial wall at the worst time in their history, and give little hope to entrepreneurs who have been affected by the crisis.”

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