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Invasion of eastern Australia by pest mice

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Entire regions of eastern Australia are battling a rat infestation that is destroying crops and invading homes, sparking a horrific reaction on social media.

Farmers in New South Wales have noted a “dramatic increase” in these small rodents congregating in grain elevators, barns and homes, according to the New South Wales Farmers Association.

In the videos filmed by the Moeris family, who live in Gilgandra, a town a five-hour drive northwest of Sydney, thousands of mice sneak through tubes and machines.

These pictures immediately sparked a chilling response on social networks.

“This is exactly what the nightmare looks like. I can’t even watch the videos,” someone on Facebook responded after seeing Melanie Moeris’ video.

Experts say the invasion was triggered by unusually heavy summer rains in eastern Australia after years of drought.

Farmers fear that their harvest will harm these small gray-haired rodents. So they asked the government to urgently authorize the use of pesticides containing zinc phosphide to eliminate this unwanted group as quickly as possible.

“It’s getting worse,” said James Jackson, head of farmers in New South Wales, who said he had received reports of mounting damage across the state.

“Mouse control is very expensive. The severity of this pest made it necessary to use multiple baits in agricultural areas,” he said.

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