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IPhone 11 saved from water returns to its owner

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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Underwater, the iPhone 11 is supposed Hold the shock to a depth of 2 meters for a maximum of 30 minutes. But in fact, the smartphone knows how to hold its breath for much longer. Clayton Hilkenberg, a diver who regularly cleans the bottom of Harrison Lake in British Columbia, the western Canadian province, was surprised. Pick up a smartphone In working condition, despite nearly six months in the water.

Diver and wife Heather, who have crafted no fewer than 26 phones, two GoPro cameras, and hundreds of glasses in the past year, have documented their findings on video (it was Heather who got her hands on the iPhone 11). From 5:30 am, Clayton explained that he was surprised to see the iPhone 11 in perfect working condition.

By swiping the device’s SIM card to another, he was able to obtain the owner’s phone number. This is Fatima Qudsi, who spent a few days near the lake last September. The iPhone was dropped while on a boat trip. When she returned home to Vancouver, she had no choice but to grieve and buy a new smartphone.

So the surprise was so big when Clayton called her! It shows that the device is working fine except for the broken microphone and the headphone which makes strange noises. We’d definitely be a bit alike after these long underwater months …

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