Is ‘decolonial’ research a scientific issue?

TRIBON – In plain language, sociologist Philippe Derebarnay explains the many shortcomings of the scientific method for “Diclonial” research that was born in the United States, and is developing in France.

The place occupied by the so-called colonial trend within universities is the subject of intense debate: does this approach stem from science, or rather from a strict approach decorated with the tinsel of science? The social reality on which this current focuses is not in question. True, in Western countries, the fate of members of certain social groups of non-European countries is statistically less favorable than the fate of the majority of the population. The stumbling block is different.

These works implement an intellectual approach that is not a science method. They define the field of application of the theories to which they appeal according to strict ideological criteria. Moreover, their proponents refuse to submit what they present as the results of their research to a strict confrontation with the facts, as these facts are likely to question their convictions.

Great ambition for the world is

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