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It imposed fines of 828,000 CZK for unsolicited advertisements, which in the previous year amounted to 2.9 million CZK.

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ÚOOÚ Jiří Kaucký President drew attention to the fact that public administration often lacks sufficient technical knowledge about how personal data is handled in information and communication systems, what algorithms are used to process it, where it is transferred and who can obtain and use it without problems.

He added that “personal data requested by the state may not always be processed exclusively to achieve generally beneficial goals.”

Nine out of ten emails sent in the Czech Republic last year were spam


ÚOOÚ does not mention the total amount of all fines issued for the protection of personal data, i.e. not only for unsolicited commercial communications, but also under the Personal Data Protection Act. Among the highest fines is a fine imposed on the Ministry of the Interior, estimated at 1 million crowns, for unauthorized processing of personal data related to the health status of people who have been ordered to isolate due to the coronavirus.

The police defended their move by the need to help ensure the protection of public health, but the ministry was fined instead of the republican police, because it does not have legal personality. The Senate will have to debate this issue.

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The authority also found a security breach with the supplier of the online booking system for the coronavirus vaccination. This allowed the policyholder’s number to be displayed, which would lead to the publication of the social security number, after which this data was transmitted to the United States through the Google Analytics statistical data acquisition tool. ÚOOÚ has also initiated administrative proceedings in this matter as well.

In addition, last year “OOO” dealt with the issue of camera systems in hospitals and the processing of personal data by bailiffs.

According to ÚOOÚ’s annual report, the office received 2,200 initiatives and complaints last year, 250 fewer than the previous year. It must be emphasized that the protection of personal data is important and ÚOOÚ is here to protect it.

People will be fined up to 100,000 for unsolicited commercial messages

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