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“It seems the passengers have gone crazy,” says a flight attendant.

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Physical altercations, bags, objects, spitting… Passengers, visibly angry at the crisis at Canadian airports, are venting their frustration on airline staff.

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“It’s mentally draining us. It’s true that you shouldn’t take things personally, but it’s very difficult,” said a flight attendant bemoaning the behavior of the passengers.

She explained that passengers attack staff equipment, throw it on the ground, and try to throw luggage at them, at Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport.

The same employee admitted that she had never noticed such an atmosphere in her 10-year career. She reportedly told an LCN reporter: “It looks like the passengers have gone crazy.”

Another flight attendant, who worked in Montreal Trudeau for two months, says a passenger insulted a co-worker for losing his carriage.

“Due to our low staff, we just hired new ones. Sometimes they don’t know where things are. We were told ‘But Chris de Tarla, how do you know that!’” You work for nothing!”, he said.

Because of these conditions, the next generation does not survive, in addition to the lack of manpower. The problem extends across Canada, but it will be worse in Toronto and Montreal.

“For example, I, last night, went down the slope to go and see what was going on with our luggage compartments, and then the poor employee was there on his own. He had 160 bags to carry alone. So you have to be really patient,” Dominic Daust explained, Airline pilot and captain.

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“This is not the time to arrive with 11,12,13 bags. (…) And you just have to be careful, and then not to act aggressively because this does not help us for us, ”recalls the hostess.

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