“It would be wise to wear the mask a little longer.”

It’s not about playing a bad omen bird, it’s about observing the curves of the epidemic, and even more so than just looking around. Friends, colleagues, friends, brothers, sisters, kids…sick leaves and positive tests are on the rise over the past few days. pif sometimes says more than great speeches.

Rudolph Thibaut, professor of public health at Purdue University.

Purdue University

“Indeed, continues Rudolf Thibaut, after experiencing a decrease in new cases for several weeks, which justified the decision to lift the barrier gestures, the rebound was confirmed and the lifting of masks was not in vain. Covid is not a problem in itself, because this The majority of the BA2 sub variant of Omicron, If the infection is 30% more than the previous one, it is also less severe in terms of symptoms. This is without relying on the fact that our immune system is uneven. We see guys landing in the hospital or on the ward and on sick leave for a week…”

Soon effect in intensive care?

Bordeaux Hospital, which has just lifted its white plan, remains very attentive to the situation. This pandemic has more than one trick up its sleeve and it’s best to be one step ahead, and be prepared. “Sure,” the public health professor agrees. Nothing is obtained. immediately, Resuscitation services are not affected, but we know that higher rates of infection and positivity lead to increased pack activity, with a lag of one week. The problem is to contain this spread of fever, because the hospital is currently in a state of tension. Staff shortage will be a serious problem in operation and care…”

Pierre Biggerie, a pharmacist at Bidart in the Pyrenees-Atlantic, is also president of the Central Council of the National Pharmacists Syndicate. Pharmacists warn of the outbreak of the epidemic. “Maybe we have left too many, and maybe too soon too, and we are seeing an increase in requests for tests and especially tests that come back positive. At the same time with Covid, there is a very virulent influenza epidemic, the symptoms are almost equal, with cough and headache in addition to Covid.”

How to contain the pressure?

In the near future, scientists are not content with reporting a declared recovery, they are already considering a sequel. “We rely on expectations, or Modeling from the Pasteur InstituteProfessor Thibaut’s statement. For now, everything fits. A recovery was expected at least until mid-April. Extensive vaccination coverage and immunity associated with omicron infection provide interesting health protection, but we will have to wait for good weather to see the curve go down again… What is at stake today is helping the general hospital to survive. »

Ventilation is a source of protection, including at work.

“It would be wise to continue wearing the mask a little longer, he advises. The only correct option to contain the dynamics of the epidemic. In my team, everyone has kept it. But there will be no turning back and I think from now on, this decision is about individual responsibility, for oneself , to others. The places most conducive to transmission are shared meals in a confined environment. Lunch outside, and opening windows during meals together is a real guarantee that infection will not be transmitted. Ventilation is a source of protection, including at work.”

“It would be wise to continue wearing the mask for a little longer. The only correct option to contain the dynamics of the epidemic”

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