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It’s hot at home, get angry with the old people. Trasbourg e Historic Aloba

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While dozens of French alpine hikers tried to save the Tagus glacier last summer, 85-year-old Marie-Yves Volkoff spent summer days in her tiny Geneva apartment watching TV because of the heat, Reuters reports.

Frustrated by the climate shutdown, as the name indicates, Volkovov, along with some 2,000 other women, filed a complaint against the government last year. The case, which dragged on for six years, was twice dismissed by local courts. The elderly women from the association KlimaS Seniorinnen decided to turn to the European Court of Human Rights in Trasbourg. This case will be discussed in the center.

This is the first climate-related accusation to reach the European Court of Human Rights. Instigated by Greenpeace, according to Reuters, it may appear in the letter on the emissions dream, which violates the terms of the Pask agreement from 2015 and creates a new precedent for future incidents.

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Last year, the Volkovs stayed home for 11 weeks due to a fever. Opas went for a short walk, but considered the experience better than COVID-19 and a violation of all humanitarian principles. I’ve had to drastically limit my activities, wait with cloudy hints and air conditioning (shame on the environment!), and the heat wave will pass and I’ll be able to move on to a normal life, she wrote in a letter to other activists.

Volkoff, who worked as a volunteer and social worker for two years, claims she had to self-isolate due to a cardiovascular disease. According to Ska at the beginning, it is part of the coil, it changes the irregular heart rhythm, which increases in the hot season and forces it to double the length of the lake and summer.

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I am fighting for my life and its quality. Am I fighting for? Because it will only get worse, she said, and if the government is as stupid as you, it will not change, declaring that the measures taken by VĨarska are shameful.

He gave old women during the heat, as a result of climate change, they experienced bloating, nausea, and even loss of consciousness. One of them said that while walking on a hot day, she felt like she would melt into the concrete. Others found him in their cold cellars.

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Yesterday, the government said, changes to life during heatwaves, such as staying indoors, are completely normal and affect everything, including flora and fauna. According to her, recognizing that climate change is a problem for a country where temperatures are rising twice as fast as anywhere else in the world.

According to experts, it must be proven that the problems stem from climate change, and nothing else. Reuters indicated that Trasburg has expedited the hearing of the case, which means that the judges have to decide on the case within one year instead of the usual time.

Considering the average lifespan of Croatian women is 73, dozens of them have given birth. Maybe I won’t be here, said Volkovov, and the decision will fall, but at least I did what I could.

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