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Why Choose Basement UNDERPINNING?

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Basement UNDERPINNING involves digging holes from beneath the footing (concrete or brick pad that spreads the weight of foundation walls onto soil).

Underpinning is often necessary when the original foundation is unstable, the walls surrounding the base have cracked or need additional support, or an extra storey addition requires underpinning as well.

Increased Living Space

If your home has a basement and you’re searching for ways to expand living space without adding on another story or moving, underpinning is an economical and practical solution for increasing square footage in your residence. This process takes less time and money than adding another floor, giving your house more square footage overall.

The best part is that this process doesn’t disrupt your daily life! Since it only involves the basement, there’s no need to worry about any disruptions.

Underpinning a basement creates more usable space, increasing headroom and enabling you to install better lighting fixtures. It also gives your family more room to enjoy; you can expand recreation rooms, offices, bedrooms, home theatre or in-law suite!

Increased Structural Integrity

By opting for underpinning your basement, you are actually strengthening the structure of your home. This could be done for several reasons: converting crawl space into living space; having an unstable foundation; damage to foundation walls; or needing additional load capacity when adding a second floor.

Burlington basement underpinning offers numerous advantages, such as increased structural integrity, higher ceiling heights and better lighting in your basement. Furthermore, this process allows you to modernize your house by upgrading plumbing, electrical wires/connections, insulation systems and even your basement waterproofing system.

Increased Home Value

If you’re looking to expand the living space in your home without moving or spending money on costly renovations, basement underpinning is an ideal solution. This process can create bedrooms, offices or family rooms in your basement while increasing its resale value.

Another advantage of basement underpinning is that it will reinforce your home’s foundation, safeguarding it against future issues caused by extreme weather conditions, poor soil type or inadequate construction.

By raising the ceiling height in your basement, you’ll create a more spacious living area that’s easier to furnish with furniture and fixtures. Plus, having more headroom makes installing lighting and windows that let natural light penetrate through easier.

Enhanced Waterproofing

Waterproofing a basement is essential to protect both your home and possessions from any harm. Furthermore, it’s an inexpensive and straightforward way to enhance the quality of life in your living space.

Basement waterproofing helps prevent mold growth and other moisture problems, decreasing your risks for allergies and sickness.

Additionally, a basement that is waterproofed can be utilized as storage for items like furniture and appliances. This enables you to get more out of your basement while increasing its value at the same time.

Basements used to be mainly utilized for storage of goods like coal and wood, but nowadays they’ve become an essential feature in every home.

Basement Underpinning is an effective way to increase the value and resale of your home, and offers numerous advantages, such as increased living space, better lighting and waterproofing, enhanced structural integrity and higher headroom. Magcor.ca is one of the leading basement underpinning companies in Burlington. Feel free to contact them today!

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