Thursday, June 20, 2024

Serbia condemned Russian flows into Ukraine, which helped restore the energy sector

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Serbia demands solidarity with the people of Ukraine and condemns all attacks on the civilian population and notables of that country, as well as any use of words contrary to international law, Bernabiev said on Tuesday at the ceremony for sending electrical equipment to Ukraine. She said that Serbia will continue to provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Ambassador to Belgrade, Volodymyr Tolka, said that due to Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, more than half of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure has been damaged so far.

Moscow was very concerned about Al-Shahr’s arrest in connection with the first Russian reports that Serbia had supplied Ukraine with 3,500 missiles for the Grad launcher. Serbian officials denied this and stated that the country had not issued a permit to import weapons to Ukraine or Russia.

Serbia maintains military and political cooperation with Russia, but is also a candidate for membership in the European Union. Although Serbian President Aleksandar Voj condemned the Russian invasion and expressed support for Ukraine’s territorial integrity, he also refused to join the sanctions against Russia.

In connection with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Serbia generally went over to the side of Russia. President Foe has repeatedly stated that the West will pressure Serbia to join the sanctions against Russia.

On the other hand, he publicly objected to the actions of the Russian Wagner Group in Serbia, regarding the recruitment of Serb veterans into the army in Ukraine, and thus the links of this group to the Serbian far right. This threatens turmoil if Serbia joins the sanctions and settlements regarding Kosovo.

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