Jacques Testart: “The belief that science has an answer to everything, is true in everything, is dogmatism.”

Believing that science has an answer to everything, and is true in everything, and making it a religion without criticizing it, is dogmatism and very little of the scientific spirit.. Of course, it is not about rejecting every technical or scientific advance. But for biologist Jacques Testart, ” Criticism or challenge of progress (…) often encounters hostile and summary judgments “.” This discord will be the work of the dark spirits who will defend the return to the cave by candlelight. However, we cannot equate every criticism with conspiracy or ignorance. “, He says.

Confrontation ” The elitist and authoritarian nature of the scientific community, often imbued with its powers “citizen” Lawful To judge institutions and what they produce, says the scientist. Furthermore it ” Many moves and initiatives began with a democratic response, wishing a new social pact for citizen science, responsible and united. “He rejoices.

A noble scientific approach to discovering and understanding the world is often underpinned by a utilitarian desire for perfection and commercialization, especially since science became a technical science in the 20th century. ‘, asserts Jacques Testart (see Should we stop scientific research?). Therefore, faced with Commodity of knowledge and life “, he is ” Fully legitimate and urgent to critically examine technical sciencese “.with” Procedures “Validated so it’s up to the citizens to decide” Really the common good (See 40 Years of a First Lab Baby: Between “Promethean Power of Scholars,” “Commercial Ambitions of Industrialists,” and “Demands of Certain Minorities.”)

Source: Width, Andrée-Marie Dussault (03/23/2022) – Photo: iStock

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