Jane Fonda gets the highest honor at the Golden Globe

American actress Jane Fonda will receive the Cecil B.Dimmel Award in 78e Golden Globe Concert on February 28. The award will be given to him in honor of his entire cinematic career, but also for his “boundless activity”.

Marisa JuguetMarisa Juguet

The illustrious career of Jane Fonda earned her this award, which is awarded every year during the great American film and television bloc. In these two areas, but also on stage, the actress has played dozens of roles, including that of D.s Martha Livingston, Dan Agnes GodBy Lillian Hillman in Julia Or Sally Hyde, in Come home.

Jane Fonda, a two-time Academy Award winner for Best Actress, who is now 83, made her debut in the 1960s. Since the 1970s, she has been involved in various causes, particularly regarding the rights of African American citizens, against the Vietnam War or for environmental protection.

Ali Sarr, president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, said of the prominent figure in cinema, in a statement: “While his career has taken many turns, his unwavering commitment to making change remains.”

Meryl Streep, Stephen Spielberg, Morgan Freeman, Tom Hanks, Elizabeth Taylor, and Sydney Poitier are on the list of actors and actresses who have received the Cecil B.Dimmel Award since its inception in 1952.

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