Jay Du Temple reveals the occupation’s next double destination

Shortly after April Fools’ Day allowed fans to believe that the next version of OD would happen on a boat, Jay Do Temple revealed the true destination during a clip noticed on the set Week 4 Jolly.

With the pandemic likely not ending in September, production didn’t have much choice when it came to moving its homes. That is why the new season will be held again in Canada. Gaspésie and Les les-de-la-Madeleine were among the most popular viewer hypotheses.

They were wrong since SinglesThe occupation is double She will settle in western Canada this fall.

« The immensity of Canada will be at the heart of this season, as the show will highlight the beauty of our country’s landscapes through diverse, sometimes unusual, and sometimes glowing activities, with a backdrop of the most spectacular scenery. Says Melanie Brier, General Manager, Diverse, Lifestyle, Documentary at Bell Media.

We will remember that this is not the first timeThe occupation is double Moved to this place since 2010 as Whistler Singles invested.

« The homes will end up somewhere in British Columbia, but you won’t be told where Producer Julie Snyder, who wore a dress for the occasion, said.

Notice for interested singles, auditions will be launched next May on Noovo.ca.

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