Jean-Christophe Bodin arrives at the rocket

The addition of Quebec continues in the Rocket de Laval. After refueling over the past few weeks, the team has continued to add significant numbers since yesterday.

This time, it was Jean-Christophe Bodin who took the road to Laval.

He signed a one-part contract with the rocket directly. So he can’t go to Montreal, but he can’t go to Trois-Rivieres either.

So the Rocket adds a 24-foot, six-foot-one-inch center to their team. So it lends depth to the center in the lap of the club.

Biodin is a strongman from Rowen Noranda in the Q. He was recruited by an avalanche in the third round in 2015

He has a tremendous amount of AHL experience with AHL Avalanche and Senators over the past few years. He also played in ECHL in his professional debut.

Beaudin has 22 game experience with the Ottawa Senators during the 2018-19 season. He earned a assist in 22 matches in the capital.

Yes, she will actually be speaking French in the Rocket locker room next season. Many players will travel with the Lions, but a man like Beauden will stay at Laval.


Brandon Gignac’s contract with Rocket has also been confirmed. We released the news yesterday.

Adding Quebec is a good strategy.

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