Jenst and Mitchell advance to the second round of the Women’s Keren Championships

But the two Canadians had two very different trajectories in the first round. Stuck for a long time between two opponents, the vice world champion, Japan’s Mina Sato, did not give up Genest on the last lap of the race. His effort in the last corner allowed him to take second place and go straight into the second lap. Only the first cyclists of each wave progressed to the next round.

Well rested, Mitchell set the beat on the last set to start without ever looking back. Good show of force for the front row of his wave. Albertan has already taken two medals this weekend with a silver in the women’s sprint, and a bronze with Genest and Sarah Urban in the team sprint.

For Canada Cycling Sprint Program coach Frank Dorevo, his sprinter talent is no longer in doubt on the international stage, all that remains is for them to share their experience and believe in their chances when they line up. On the right track.

They’re on the international chessboard, they’re scary, but they know it. We’ve already talked about it. They are expected, they are afraid of them. They are able to do a lot of out-of-the-ordinary things during a sprint match. They are getting better at things.

I would like to let go of them, gaining self-confidence to the end. We really have nothing to lose in this Nations Cup. If there is a platform, that is fine, if there is no platform, then there is a subsequent platform. »

Quote from Frank Dorevo, sprint coach at Cycling Canada

Happiness and disappointment in the men’s race

9th in the men’s Kirin race less than 24 hours ago, Ryan Doddick is back on track for the men’s race.

Unfortunately for Albertan, he set the table on his way to the reigning vice world champion and vice-Olympic champion en route to the Round of 16, Dutchman Jeffrey Hoagland. Doddik tried to surprise his opponent, but his accusation of poor arithmetic got him in touch. This was done for the Canadian who accepted his fate with a smile.

The main goal is always to have funI insist on remembering.Even if I didn’t make it to the quarter-finals, I think at least I made my mark.

And with the hope of making his second appearance in the quarter-finals of this season in the Nations Cup, the young Nick and yesterday surprised the Japanese Kento Yamasaki, and was forced to admit that he lived even if he did everything in his power to keep up with the difference.

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