Jesperi Kotkaniemi scores in his first playoff match

For the second time in two matches, the Canadian scored the first goal of the match.

For the second time in two matches, the player puts an end to an ugly food shortage, while Gisbury Kotkaniemi, in his first playoff match, scored.

This is the first goal since March 30th for K.

The Finn began to build his reputation as a performer in the qualifiers. It was an excellent start to the game and looked like the player who made Sainte-Flanelle fans dream in the playoff bubble last year.

In fact, it is the fifth goal in 10 playoffs in third choice overall in 2018.

Currently, K He looks like a player who deserves his place on the team. Obviously we’ll have to see if he can keep the pace throughout the meeting, but if he succeeds, it will be difficult for Dominic Ducharme to pull him out of training.

The nail is straight, it seems!

And when we know that Cole Caufield is just waiting for his chance to be listed, he forces players to perform. Otherwise, there are options to get them out of training.

A good start for K And Habs. We hope it continues.


Once again, we see that Kotkaniemi isn’t afraid to go online and that pays off. In qualifying, it’s a feature that often pays off and could help him stay in the squad.

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Besides, there was this celebration after his goal. What could that mean?

Update : During the first break, Kotkaniemi claimed that the four fingers were a tribute to four reserve soldiers who were not in uniform tonight (Cole Coffield, Michael Frolick, Alexander Romanov and Erik Gustafsson), with whom he watched the match Thursday evening. A very nice gesture from the young Finn.

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