JEVI Temporarily Closes the Telephone Intervention Line

It’s a difficult, heartbreaking decision, but we no longer have a choice. It is also a matter of survival of the organization and respect for employees and customers.This was stated by JEVI Chairman, Jan Perrault, at a press conference on Tuesday morning.

This difficult decision was made during the last board meeting, which took place on October 20.

However, suicidal persons may call the regional telephone intervention line at 1866 APPELLE (1866277-3553). Those working in this line will be able to provide the necessary references.

JEVI management would like to be reassured. Professionals in the Estri area will still have access to a specific phone number. Thus they will be able to direct people in distress to the body. Clinical support can also be provided to them.

Currently, a third of the employees are in their positions. On their Facebook page, we can see that the organization has posted several job offers in recent months. JEVI is mainly looking for Telephone Workers.

JEVI will maintain emergency response in the field and post-event services.

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