Joel Edmundson received a shower of praise from his teammates

The Canadians are missing Joel Edmondson a lot this season. Whether on the ice or in the bedroom. But now we’re learning that even if he’s not able to play, the great defender remains an excellent leader for the Habs. So much so that he is responsible for Loudspeaker after victories.

Plus, Chris Weidman says Edmondson is making a huge impact despite his absence this season and treats everyone on the team just like a brother.

It’s important to note that Wideman didn’t know Edmundson prior to the start of the season, so it only took him a few months for him to fall in love with #44.

We must also remember that Edmundson was the player who asked management to bring her in fix you As the entry song for CH at Bell Center.

Josh Anderson also spoke about the leadership Edmondson has shown this season.

In addition, Edmundson is the only Canadiens player to post a photo of their starter dinner on social media. In short, everyone in the Canadian seems to appreciate Edmundson and the latter seems to be able to impress without ever setting foot on the ice. This is exactly why, despite all the rumors surrounding the Canadian, Emundson’s name was never mentioned. He’s excellent and he’s a leader. In short, the kind of players everyone wants on their team.

This leads me to my next topic. What do you think of Edmondson as the next captain in Montreal? If the players vote, there is no doubt that he will win the title. I’ve always thought Gallagher would be the one to wear a “C” so Suzuki could do it, but I have to admit that waiting for his Edmundson teammates to compliment him like that makes me want to change my mind.

Edmundson is only 28 years old and is under contract with Habs until 2023-2024.


Jake Evans also spoke about Joel Edmondson in front of reporters, and it’s no surprise that he only had good things to say about him as well.

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