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Joey Scarpelino’s first major role in English

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After 15 years of his career, Joey Scarpellino landed his first English-language lead role in the movie. stay tonightDirected by Canadian director Renuka Gyabalan. The actor talked to us about this project as well as keeping us updated.

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When we spoke to him, Joey Scarpellino was on vacation in Mexico with his friends Sophie Nélisse and Marina Bastarache, and was preparing to fly back to Quebec for a Super Bowl weekend with friends.

The actor, who has been sailing for years between Quebec and Los Angeles – holds American citizenship from his father – has been back in the country for a few months already. “During the pandemic, I’ve spent a lot of time in the US. I have two sisters and a brother who live there, and I don’t see them often. I haven’t spent much time with them in the past few years, so I took advantage of that and got to know them more.”

motivational project
On March 12, the actor will attend the South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas for the film’s premiere stay tonightDirected by Canadian director Renuka Gyabalan, it stars alongside actress Andrea Bang. The pandemic has hampered photography. So the movie was shot over two and a half years, but the story takes place in less than 24 hours. He was very special.”

In this romantic comedy filmed in Toronto, where the action takes place, Joey Scarpelino plays Carter Stone, a professional athlete who runs through town and lives with his own difficulties. He unexpectedly meets Grace (Andrea Pang), a reserved young woman who has been celibate for a long time, who is overwhelmed by dating apps.

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This marks the actor his first English-language lead role in cinema. “It’s fun. Funny to say, but it’s my first project, after 15 years in the business, where 50% of my family will finally be able to see me play and understand me,” he says, referring to his family on his father’s side. He adds, “It’s what makes me happy above all else. When my father came to visit me in Canada, he would often come to see me on set relativelyAnd he understood what was happening on the show a little by the actors’ facial expressions, but not to the point of understanding everything.

After 15 years in the business, the 27-year-old considers himself very lucky to have been able to take on all the projects he was involved in and had the opportunity to continue playing.


new buddy
After experiencing mourning for his husky dog, Enzo, in January 2020, Joey Scarpelino adopted last spring a German Shepherd named Woody, who will turn one year old at the end of February. “It was a very long mourning. I wasn’t ready to have another dog, and to have to train it, because it takes a dog to train. I needed a break. Then one day I felt ready. Huskies have always been my favorite dogs, and Enzo was the third ,but now I need a change.I have always liked German Shepherds.I find them to be very majestic!They are a very intelligent breed of dog.I, who like to walk my dog ​​everywhere and take the time to train him and make him a lifelong companion, told myself that there is no breed Better than a German Shepherd for that.He’s a really good dog It’s very different from the relationship I had with Enzo, but I saw something really fun with him.

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the movie stay tonight Its world premiere will take place at the South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas on March 12.

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