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Netflix sci-fi series has (finally) been canceled

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Actress Katee Sackhoff confirms that Netflix has canceled the sci-fi series another life Only two seasons later (and we won’t complain about it).

If Netflix doesn’t hesitate to commit in the long run to some great series like the magicianAnd the Emily in Paris where The Bridgeton ChronicleThe streaming giant doesn’t hesitate to clean up its catalog, too. In the past two years, the ax has fallen in many series, in particular Modified carbonAnd the Baker Street AeronauticsAnd the Buyer’s Legacy And most recently, a live-action remake of the anime Cowboy Bebop Which, however, benefited from wide promotion and a certain enthusiasm from some subscribers. Recently, Another science fiction series has joined the victims of the platform’s natural selection: another life

Katie Sackoff In Another Life

serial Created by Aaron Martin (slasherAnd the best years) appeared in the catalog in July 2019 and was renewed for another batch in October. However, the global health crisis slowed production and new episodes only arrived a year later, in October 2021. After a painful season 2 ofanother lifeso the giant decided to show indulgence and To spare the audience a third shot.

The news of the cancellation was confirmed on Twitter by lead actress Katie Sackoff (Battlestar Galactica), who is also a producer, but nevertheless thanked the viewers and the series team for their support.

I would like to thank everyone who has watched and supported another channel on Netflix. Thanks to our crew and cast for always working hard and being prepared. I wish we could do more seasons, but unfortunately that’s not on the schedule. See you on the next adventure. ”

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Another Life: Photo, Katie SackoffKatee Sackhoff puts her arms up

another life It revolves around Captain Nico Breckenridge played by Sacoff, who is trying to determine the origin of an unknown flying object that has landed on Earth. The series also stars Justin Chatwin, Dillon Casey, Shannon Chan Kent, Kurt Yeager, Karlina Breach, JR Tinako, Elizabeth Ludlow, AJ Rivera, Tonji Chirisa and Lena Rina. No justification has been given yet, but one can imagine that production costs may have been too high and reviews too mixed to still be an interesting investment.

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